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    Default Aerosol Sunscreen in checked luggage

    Is there a limit as to how much aerosol sunscreen you can put in your checked luggage? I have been all over the TSA website and while it refers to packing aerosols for personal use in your checked luggage and "reasonable" amounts (or some such language) it doesn't say if there is an actual limit. I am super pale and burn easily so I plan on taking at least enough for a can a day usage, as I will spend most of my time each day on the beach, plus some for my husband who doesn't need a lot. That will be around 10 cans give or take. Anyone know? Thanks!

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    This is from the Air Canada website. Check with your airline, they'll have a link on their site.

    Checked baggage:

    Liquids and gels, including toiletry/medicinal articles such as hairspray, medicines containing alcohol, perfume, and cologne are accepted in checked baggage provided the total capacity of such articles does not exceed 2 L or 2 kg (75 fl. oz.).
    The net capacity of each single item placed in checked baggage must not exceed 500 ml or 500 g (18 fl. oz).
    Release valves on aerosols must be protected by a cap or other suitable means to prevent inadvertent release of the contents.

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    Just returned from CTI. We had 4 cans of sunscreen in the luggage. Had no problem. I have not read of any limits on aerosols.

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    I haven't heard of any limit actually stated. We only took a couple of cans of the spray to use in the room (my husband likes them), and the rest of the time we took the creme because the spray is a hit & miss in the breeze on the beach.

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    We bring a can a day and have never had a problem (7).


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    10 cans is excessive and you can probably get more from lotions but as long as they don't think you're importing goods youre fine.
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    I would guess that if you each had your own checked luggage, split the cans up - 5 & 5. I would think that 10 cans all in one piece of luggage may get flagged/delayed, etc... Just my thought...

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    In checked baggage, no. However, with aerosol sunscreen, it has alcohol in it and tends to dry out your skin, so be careful. Also, make sure what ever you take, you put in zip lock bags.

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    I think it just says 'for personal use' without setting a limit. If you are taking it for personal use then you should be fine. I think there is some contact information on the TSA website in case you want to follow up.
    Have a great trip!

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    I have never given it any thought and I pack about 6 cans. Sorry I can not help. Do you know why they place a limit on the amount ?

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    Hi there mhw, you may find that you are taking a bit more than you need.... I am very pale with sensitive skin so need to use sunscreen as well. I use factor 30 all the time, but at the start of my holiday, I will use factor 50 for the first few days. Always make sure its a water resistant sunscreen and reapply after you have been in the water. As for how many cans to bring? You should get at least two days out of a 4oz can, if not more. Hope this helps. and enjoy....

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    I dont know what the exact limit is but, I purchased 5 aresol sunscreen cans and placed two in my checked lugagge and three in my boyfriend's bag without any problems

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    WOW!!! You are way overpacking!!! I don't think that will be over their limit but I'm gonna say that will be more than you'll need. A couple things to think about with the aerosols...if applied in your room you will make your floor slick, if applied outside even a slight breeze will affect where it goes on your body. They seem handy but the lotions are really much more user friendly. And even 10 bottles of that are gonna be way too much! Get a sport solution that won't wash off in water and it's gonna last you several hours even if you get in the water or sweat a lot. You can easily get away with putting it on in the morning before heading to the beach and maybe a couple more reapplications through the day.

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    Default Aerosol cans

    Well, not sure if there is an actual limit on the amount of cans, but the weight restrictions for checked bags may limit you. I had 5 aerosol cans of sunscreen in 1 of my checked bags (CSS Sept. 2010 9-day trip), along with other miscellaneous household/room comfort items and was under my 50lb limit. Unless you want to contact TSA to find out any specific limits on aerosol can packing, I'd say just make sure you're under the weight restrictions and you may be good to go

    Enjoy your trip!

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    really? 10 cans!?!?
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    Thanks for the responses. I may try splitting them up in separate bags as suggested by busr25.

    Sublimebrad-10 cans may sound excessive but I go through about a can a day at the beach in South Carolina so I am guessing I will use that much or more in Jamaica. I reapply often as I burn easily

    Thanks again everyone! 17 days and counting!!!!!

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    Like I said, use lotions and you'll get more out of it and able to pack less. Sprays are good to reapply but never cover 100% and wash off too easy. I bring 2 cans of spray 50 for my head (shaved) and shoulders and use 30 lotion everywhere else. Never come close to running out. I'd say 5 cans is plenty unless you reapply every 30 minutes.
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    Don't knock it....I bring a can per day(big guy, lots of area to cover)...I reapply obsessively, and we do 9's actually the ONLY reason we need a check we check 1 bag, and share it....good to have for the trip home as you have room for souveniers, liquor...and I NEVER have sunblock left...I soo dread sunburn, and make an effort not to get any, and I DON'T tan, so I like aerosol type because it's easy to apply
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