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    Default Favorite or Different Foods At CSA?

    Wondering what your favorite or not so usual foods were during your stay at CSA and which restaurant you had it in? Tell me a little about it please? I want to try some different things while there so help me figure out what to look for and which restaurant to go to for it. Thanks!
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    Curried goat, at the Palms for lunch.

    Down at the far end of the lunch buffet-towards the ocean, they always have the Jamaican dishes. Try them. We eat at Seagrapes, almost every day. I'll cruise through the Palms and check out what they have and I usually bring a plate out to the beach, where my wife is seated, in the sand at Seagrapes.

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    Default Seagrapes

    I loved everything at Seagrapes. The setting is perfect and the food island special.

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    Cabana Grill - Beef Patties. My favorite food in Jamaica by far!

    Patois patio- smoked marlin amd jerk chicken pizza!

    Feathers - beef tenderloin with basil mashed potatoes. Amazing!

    Lemongrass - can't remember what we had but it was great. Soups I'd never tried before and loved.

    Palms - made to order oneness in morning with fresh mango papaya juice
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    Our favorite was fish tacos and sweet potato chips at sea grapes. The menu changed mid week and we could only get them from Saturday to Tuesday. If they are on the menu, try them. They are awesome.

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    The pumpkin soup at patois, I wanted to lick the bowl and then ask for a tub full so i could swim in it. The sweet potato chips at sea grapes.
    Erika & Sean

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    My personal favorites:

    The fish tacos at SeaGrapes Cafe. I ate them as frequently as I could! Made with grilled red snapper, they were fantastic!

    The sweet potato chips/dipping sauces also at Sea Grapes Cafe. The sauces varied daily.

    The banana stuffed french toast at Patois. If you like regular french toast, you'll be in for a REAL treat.

    The fruit smoothies at Patois. They change the flavor daily.

    My husband said the Seafood Bisque at Feather's was fabulous.

    The steak at Feather's was probably the best steak I've ever eaten. Perfectly cooked.

    The only restaurant that I was just "ok" with was The Palms, and in fairness to it, we only ate there once. And my husband really liked his meal.

    Enjoy! Bon Appetit!

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    The red snapper sandwich and sweet potato chips and dips at Seagrapes AWESOME! !

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    Calallo at The Palms - every time I can get it

    Steamed curry snapper at Lemongrass

    Fresh papaya at The Palms

    Gazpacho at SeaGrape

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    Everything you eat at every restaurant will be fabulous. I loved the "chips and dip" at Sea Grapes...sweet potato chips and two different dips that change periodically through the week. Also the banana stuffed french toast at Paois husband really isn't a fan of bananas and he thought this stuff was good enough to talk about! We also liked the pizza at Patios Patio. Again, everything you eat will be great, just try what you want to try and if you aren't crazy about it don't finish it and order something different.

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    hmmm, everything at Sea Grapes? Seriously! We spent an afternoon there once trying all the fruit we don't normally see in the states. Jack fruit, sugar cane, and some others. Paid for it later, but it was fun at the time :P Same with the poolside grill. I've learned to copy some of my favorites, but nothing beats the real deal.

    There is usually a jamaican dish at the breakfast buffet that is far from my usual fare. Lychees, ackee and saltfish, this is stuff that is hard to get elsewhere. I eat plenty of Thai and stuff so while the other restaurants serve excellent food, it isn't stuff I don't normally eat.

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    Banana stuffed french toast for breakfast at Patois. Marlin dip with sweet potato chips at Patois. Snapper sandwich at the grill along with fries smothered in cheese sauce. Fresh pineapple at every meat the Palms.

    Oooooooooo now Iím hungry.

    Life is good

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    Patois: banana stuffed french toast, eggs benedictine, seafood calzones, shrimp linguine
    Feathers: she crab bisque, tuna loin appetizer
    Lemongrass: red curry if you like spicy!
    the Palms: they usually have a few selections of local cuisine in each of their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. I liked the bammies, I think it's some type of starchy root vegetable, and seafood risotto. They also make omelets to order for breakfast, which is worth waiting a few minutes in line.
    Beach party: conch curry
    Sea Grape Cafe: snapper sandwich (snapper is mild, not too fishy) and the artichoke-asiago dip
    Beach Grill: jerk chicken and beef patties

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    Hi rckbert,
    This is one of my favorite topics here on the board...FOOD!
    I just loved the foods listed below:
    1. Banana stuffed french toast for breakfast at Patois Patio,
    2. Any of the pizzas at Patois Patio (suprisingly good for breakfast or lunch appetizer),
    3. Anything at Seagrapes Cafe on the beach especially the chips and dips,
    4. Made to order pancakes and omelets at The Palms,
    5. I'm not a big fan of the Cabana grill unless it's for a quick bite and french fries late at night.

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    Everything at Seagrapes is terrific. And the girls working there are a riot if you take the time to get to know them a bit.
    Breakfast at Palms is just about my favorite meal. The setting, the view and the beautiful morning weather help make it one of my favorite things about CSA. We always enjoy dinner, where ever we eat. Our favorite is Lemongrass though. Try the appetizer sampler platter and the hot & sour soup, if you like spicy hot stuff. Never have been disappointed with anything I have been served at Feathers, absolutely wonderful. The Cabana has some great grill food if you get a hankerin' for a burger, onion rings or something a bit more Jamaican like the patties or jerk.

    Look for things you have never heard of or seen before. New foods are one of the things that make vacations such an adventure.

    Have a great trip!

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    To start the food is fabulous at CSA. My personal favs.
    Pumpkin soup whenever served go for it.
    Ackee and saltfish at Palms breakfast.6th trip and finally tried it.Glad I did.
    Snapper wherever from sandwiches at Seagrapes to Feathers menu.
    Sweet potato chips from Seagrapes.
    If you like desserts creme brulee from Palms to Feathers.
    While not food you must try a chocolate or blue mountain martini from the martini bar. simply awesome. Enjoy

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    There is a jerk chicken platter at the cabana grill but if you want they will make a sandwich out of it. That was incredible. Get onion rings as a side and a beer and enjoy the view.
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    I had Lion Fish at Feathers one night - that's the tremendously invasive fish that is now in the Caribbean. It was white and kind of flakey and very good! I hope they have it on the menu as a regular item - would be good to "overfish" that kind of critter!!

    I also LOVE the papaya and the ackee w/saltfish....both are generally available in the mornings at the Palms - I seem to remember the ackee is served maybe twice a week....

    Oh yes, and the ONION RINGS at the Cabana Grill - OMG - those are ADDICTIVE!!

    The best thing about the restaurants is that they'll give you a tiny sample of whatever looks interesting to you....


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