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    Default Romance Reward question - from a newbie!


    We are heading to CSS at the end of July for our first visit! We are VERY excited and have signed up for romance rewards based on all the repeaters we have seen.

    Does anyone know if you are entitled to any rewards on your FIRST trip? We are staying 9 days.

    It seems that rewards are only for subsequent visits, but I am a little confused...

    Thanks - can't wait to come back to Jamaica and for our first trip to Couples!


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    You are going to love Couples (I have not been to CSS yet, going for the first in July, then one to home - CN).

    No you are not entitled to any of the rewards on your first trip. Trust me there will be a second, that is when they will kick in.

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    Your first trip to Couples you will be entitled to the trading places perk only. Since you are staying 8 nights (9 days) you will be at Young Love level on your next trip to Couples...note however that nights do expire so you'll have to use the nights to keep/use them.

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    The only perk for Romance Rewards, before you have stayed at a Couples Resort, is the ability to do Trading Spaces. You may sign up to spend 1 day at CTI, ( I think it is from 9 am to 4 pm). Couples provides the transportation. Think about visiting the " island " at CTI. Also, I found CTI's lunch buffet to be the best of all the Couples resorts.

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    As a first time vacationer and a RR member, you have the opportunity to the Trading Places program.
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    On your frist trip with rewards you can do a trading places with a resort in the same town for free. Then with every trip to Couples you just get more and more perks. And trust me there will be more trips to Couples.

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    As a rewards member, on your first trip, you can take advantage of the Trading Places and visit CTI for the day if you choose. The other rewards are for repeat guests.

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    You are entitled to the "trading places" pass that enables you to visit the sister resort on the same side of the island (in your case CTI.) The other rewards come into effect on your second visit.

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    Great! Thanks everyone!

    Counting the days till our trip!! (85)


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