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    As stated previously, use common sense and you will be fine. We are making trip #9 in July and two of those trips were with our kids who were 6 & 10, then 7 &11 (no not Couples) and they are so envious that we keep going back and they haven't been able to go back Some day but now it's our turn.

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    How many of them to been to Jamaica themselves is what I would ask. Things are best learned from personal experience. Which is why you came to the right place. Most of the people on this board have been before, and are returning for trip number 3,4 , and some even more. We stay at CN and are going back in ten days for trip number 3. I'll be h honest and tell you that we don't go off the resort after dark by ourselves. We stick to day trips ! But again I've never heard of any problem for those that do go out by themselves. Go and enjoy, then come back and tell those people what a great time you had, that way they can sit back and envy you. Have a great time !!!

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    I've not been to Jamaica (YET! 175 days and counting!) But, I took a look on the US State Department Travel Advisory page for Jamaica:
    Reading the section on "Safety and Security," it sounds like the bigger cities in Jamaica are about the same as some areas in Detroit (I live just outside of Detroit.) If you don't need to go there, don't. I would expect that Couples excursions don't go near the "risky" sections. Likely Jamaica, just like anywhere else, picked up a bad reputation, which is in most cases unjustified.

    So my take on your friends and familys' reactions?
    Yeah, they're jealous.

    175 days
    23 hours
    23 minutes
    30 seconds
    to CTI!

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    We love Jamaica and especially Couples. We have never felt anything but safe. Last fall, the son of very good friends was on his honeymoon at CSA during the hurricane. We were hearing terrible stories about flooding and lives lost on the island. When I spoke to his mother, the first thing I said was "don't worry, he is at the best possible place.... Couples. If any resort is going to look after their guests it's Couples."
    I am far more fearful of getting sick while on vacation than anything else. Mexico, Dominican and Cuba are reknowned for illness due to the water. This is a non issue in Jamaica. 4 trips to Jamaica and no problems. 1 trip to Cuba and sick as a dog.
    Most of the people that have responded to this question are multi repeaters at Couples. We wouldn't spend every waking moment dreaming of going back there if it wasn't the best place on earth. And, we sure couldn't relax the way we do if we were fearful.

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    No worries about being safe and I URGE you to go off resort. We stayed at another hotel this past October and LOVED it! We walked up and down the main road at night to get dinner and drinks and NEVER had a problem. Jamaicans are wonderful people. I love Jamaica and EVERYONE there! lol

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    “Once you go, you’ll know”

    That’s the tag line the JTB is using in all their advertising. And it’s true. Bob and I are making our 15th trip back to Jamaica this July, our 6th to a Couples resorts, our 3rd to CTI. We have made many friends on and off the resorts… so much so, that on the visit before last, a “local” friend picked us up and took us to his house and his wife cooked us dinner… what an amazing experience! This past November, that same friend picked us up and took us and 2 other couples to a great little place to eat that was located in the fisherman’s village – definitely off the beaten path and a place we will return too! Another time we hired a driver to take us to Nine Miles, talk about a truly Jamaica experience!

    Don’t be afraid or apprehensive… go, relax and get to know the locals, experience the food, the music and the culture, because once you do – you will be back again… soon mon!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tracyl View Post
    Another time we hired a driver to take us to Nine Miles, talk about a truly Jamaica experience!
    I spent my 40th birthday at Nine Mile and it was an experience of a lifetime. The drive into the mountains was priceless. Our driver got lost along the way which made it even better!

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    I have been to both .. will not go back to Mexico. I feel very safe in Jamaica. The resort takes care of you .. from the minute your plane lands until you get back on it to go home. We were there last Oct when a Tropical storm came in..Couples kept us informed, told us they would not let us leave if there was a chance we would be stranded. We walk down the beach while at CN (off the resort) we have never felt unsafe. Like many have said, if you do not want to be bothered or you do not want to buy anything, politely say no. Remember they are poor and they are just trying to earn a buck. We return in 3 weeks our 5th time to couples 6th to Jamaica.

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    We are going for our first time in 6 weeks. We have had a lot of people tell us that we will be bugged constantly by people trying to sell us drugs. Is that true? They are probably just being haters! LOL
    1st time to Jamaica!
    ******CN June 2011*****

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    I've had people say the same thing. We avoided Jamaica several years ago because of comments like that. Big mistake! After being their recently we can't wait to go back. I never at any moment, from the airport through our stay and back, felt unsafe!

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    Rest easy. Usually people that are iffy are the ones that have never been to Jamaica or have only visited the port cities. We have been to Jamaica twice and have had no problems whatsoever. Everyone at Couples is very friendly and the people at the airport don't make you feel uncomfortable either. I wouldn't worry about what other people are saying. You are completely safe.

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    We have been to Mexico numerous times, and I did not feel unsafe there at all, but we never left the resort, and would never have rented a car. The first time we went to Jamaica (CSA), my husband just said, I will never go to Mexico again. Just being able to drink the water and eat all the food is peace of mind, never mind that Jamacians are such beautiful people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommolly View Post
    We are going for our first time in 6 weeks. We have had a lot of people tell us that we will be bugged constantly by people trying to sell us drugs. Is that true? They are probably just being haters! LOL
    We have been to Jamaica 3 times. Twice to Couples and once on a mission trip to the Highgate community. We have never been asked to buy drugs. Even when we were walking the streets of Highgate no one asked us. We always felt safe even when out in the country side away from the resorts. Everyone we have meet have been very friendly and fun to talk to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newbie2Jamaica View Post
    We're traveling to Couples TI this summer and we were really excited at first! But now when we mention that we're going to Jamaica to other people in our circle of friends/co-workers - we get really iffy responses. Most people are saying it's not safe - or they'd never go there. Now I'm nervous! I'm trying to stay positive and I'm reading all of the great reviews on this site - but do I need to be worried about safety??? Especially on the ride from the airport to the resort? Thanks for any feedback!
    Dude--where on earth is "safe"----NYC? LA? Mexico? (cancun?)--you can be robbed or even worst walking to your neighborhood walgreens

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    I have always felt safe in Jamaica at the resort, and while walking along 7 mile beach. I have been offered weed on several occasions, but I have notice the last couple of years, not at all. Could be, like the wonderful staff at the resort, the vendors remember us. The most unsafe I ever felt while on vacation was in Venezuela, and I was with Venezuelans at the time. Brazil can make you feel that way too, depending on where you are. Anyway, it is safe, and just a smile and a no thanks will go a long way. Jamaicans are for the most part very friendly and interesting to talk to. Have fun. You will make many new friends if you allow it.

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    We went to Mexico twice then Jamaica. Been back 5 times total (4 at Couples) and likely will never return to Mexico. As some have said, parts of the USA are as 'scary' as parts of Jamaica. Also, if your going to get drunk, do it at the resort - it's FREE!

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    Going to the resort cities in Jamaica is like going to Disney World. You're in your own little bubble where the people seem genuinely happy that you're there (or else they are very good actors) because tourism is their livelihood. Most often when I hear people speak negatively about Jamaica it's because their only experience with it was a short stop on a cruise. We've never done that, but if it was anything like what we experience on a cruise stop in Mexico, I can certainly understand why they would feel that way. The people working those areas only have a short time to try and get you to spend your money and they tend to be much more aggressive. We have not found Negril or Ocho Rios to be this way. A simple "no, thank you" is all you need to say. Are there dangerous parts of Jamaica? Of course there are. Just like there are places in most cities where you wouldn't want your car to break down. That's everywhere! Your friends are generalizing and it's truly their loss. We're headed back for trip #5 in April and can't wait!

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    We have heard the same responses. I bet they have not been there. 12+ trips for us, no problems.

    Been in much worse neighborhoods in the US

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    been to CTI Twice and Jamaicia many other times. This advice sounds like it is coming from people who think they know it all but who has never been there! 'Well I have a friend" or "my brother in law's sister's friend said" All hearsay! Go.... enjoy and when you return you can tell them how wrong they were.

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