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    Default Romance rewards a few questions

    as a fairly new member i have a few questions regarding the romance rewards,
    do you have to visit before your eligible for any rewards? having just registered for the rewards scheme which i thought was very difficult to find on the new website layout i clicked on the pre check in which asked for arrival dates ect so my gift would be ready on arrival as a newbie member,
    also having tried the search facility to try and find the romance rewards i found some posts mentioning a card that was sent out to your home address before your arrival is this still the case?

    thanks in advance


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    This link will show you the different levels of romance rewards and the gifts you are eligible for, it also clearly states "nights stayed". Yes, you have to visit Couples before you are eligble for any gifts in the romance rewards program. After you get home from your first visit those nights will be credited to your romance rewards account and when you go for your second visit you will be at the status appropriate for the nights you have stayed on the prior visit.

    A link to romance rewards is located at the bottom of every page...home is first, then romance rewards. It's just taking us all some time to adjust to having them along the bottom instead of up the page along the side.

    As a "newbie member" you do not need to precheck-in as the only perk you are eligible for is the trading places, no gift on your first visit. Precheck-in is done to insure that gifts are available at check-in and is generally done within a few days of your arrival. It has been mentioned that folks who have tried without a trip scheduled (just to check out the new features of the website) or those trying too far out from their trip have been unable. Again though, you do not need to precheck-in for this trip so no worries.

    Also, cards are no longer sent. If you can remember your number that's great but they can access your account by your name.

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    Yes you have to visit before you are eligible for any of the rewards. On you first visit the only perk that you will be able to particpate in is the Trading Spaces.

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    As a first time vacationer the only reward you receive is the opportunity to use the Trading Places program. There is no need for you to pre-check in, this is only for repeat guest and, as you stated, allow them to let the resort know which gift they would like.

    Years ago Couples sent out a card to RR members, but in their effort to be green they no longer send out the cards. You just need to make note of your number and give it to the front desk when you check in.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    First Love [0-5 Nights Stayed]
    Trading Places Pass for one day / exchange with a Couples Resort in the same town, subject to availability, reservation required 24 hours in advance.
    Invitation to the Repeat Guests Dinner on all your repeat visits.

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    Default Romance Rewards

    I can't find Romance Rewards area on the new website. Help!

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    Default kinda similar question

    I'm also a little unsure as to the specifics- we're returning in June and signed up for romance rewards after retuning from couples last june. I know I have to preregister prior to my return. But do i need to contact couples so taht I'm credited for my prior trip in re to my level.

    hopefully this question makes a little sense

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