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    Default Places Within Walking Distance Of CSA?

    What have you all found to be within walking distance of CSA that people would like to add to their must see list? This could be places or things.

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    To the right are just a few large resorts. Not much to see. To the left are plenty of small hotels, bars, restaurants and gift shops. It's nice to walk that way and see what you can find. Margaritaville is about 10 minutes away but not worth going to really.
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    We play a game with the afternoon thunderstorms. We walk until a storm threatens (or we get thirsty) and then we go to the nearest beach bar. This has never steered us wrong.

    Seriously, just walk down the beach and explore. It all worthwhile.

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    Must see...the rest of the beach...everyone turns left (as you face the sea) try turning right. A must do visit, Best In The West Jerk Chicken..

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    How far is that jerk chicken? We never saw anything like that to the right. We stopped at a tiny bar about 1/4 mile to the left that had great jerk chicken skewers, beef patties and ice cold beer. Very cheap. Great music. Friendly people.
    "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain" - Bob Marley

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    Yeah, I've gone right and it is just a couple of all-inclusives and what looks like a public beach area. There is a bar out that way? To the left are quite a few smaller resorts and bars. Go early (6-7am) if you don't want to be offered any and everything. Go later if you do Margaritavilla usually has ocean trampolines or something out in front, but I agree that there is no point in going. We do it at the airport for a final meal, gotta remember that now we have to pay for food

    I kinda wish there was a floating bar you could take a hobie cat to. Impractical, but cool :P

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    I loved our walk to the right! Like others said, a few resorts, but then most of it is undeveloped beach. Very beautiful and quiet. No vendors to speak of! Just north of CSA is Cosmos - a little restaurant and bar. My husband wanted to get some curried goat so we stopped there for lunch and a beer. Be sure to try the bammy - YUMMY!

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    To the left past Beaches is Cosmos. To the right is Negril Treehouse beach bar, it is literally right on the beach, and Chances, which has some bobsled stuff on display.

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