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    Default July 4th thank you

    To all our NEW friends who helped make July 4TH a BLAST and a picture success poolside at CN....

    THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!

    John (The Captain) and Cheryl Ann

    PS---having trouble putting July 4th picture on the board.....does anyone have a picture of that day that they can put on the message board. Captain is computer challenged; but can organize a hell of a party!

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    You said it Captain! You organized one awesome party!!! I could kick myself for not having someone else besides the resort photographer to take our picture. I don't think we can use their pics on this board. I will pick out a few good ones that I have and put them on here and maybe everyone can add a few. Loved meeting you and Cheryl Ann. We are still smiling.
    Mariann and Jimmy

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    Hi all,

    It was great to meet you all and thanks for letting us Brits join in the fun. The resort pics were great.
    128 days till we return. Looking at February, May/June and Nov?Dec for next year.
    Much love to you all
    Kevin and Becky

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    Appreciate all the kind words...and YES, we did have a lot of fun...planning the event was easy; everyone's participation made it a PARTY.

    We are booked at CN Jan 29th through Feb 8th 2012; and are about to book CN June 27th through July 7th 2012.

    Kevin and Becky...perhaps we can meet up in Feb to celebrate both your birthdays...

    Jimmy and Mariann...hopefully we can "Do THE 4TH again next year.....

    "Murray" the monkey and the pink flamingos are packed away BUT they are not happy about it....much like us they want to be back in the Jamaican sunshine (as do we) although it's only been 11 days since we left.

    Again, thanks to all for making the 4th a success!!

    John (The Captain) and Cheryl Ann.....oh yeah...Murray and the flamingos too!

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