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    Default Book or Wait

    Just curious to how many people book their trip right away or wait for the perfect Couplicious Wednesday Deal

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    Book now and if a better deal come along you can just call and change things. We did it last year.

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    The deals rarely fit into the time we want to go or even the same resort. I book when they have the resort credits available and make sure I go when it works in our schedule and the weather is nice. I have no desire to go in the winter because the water isn't warm enough. The fall is too hard to plan because of hurricanes and it's football season so that ties me up. In 3 years I've yet to see a Wed special I was tempted to book.
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    Book as soon as you can and if a better deal comes along you can switch. Typically the deals are better the farther in advance you book as prices will only go up unless you happen to find a deal that works. With so many options it is fairly unlikely that you will find something better but it does happen.

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    We book now with the early booking rates and bonus. It is the lowest rate and resort credit that I have found. If you are outside the early booking program, then book now, watch the Wednesday specials. I have changed and rebook a few times.
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    We leave Saturday, I booked May 10, 2010.

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    Default Early Escapes

    i see on the website that they extended the booking time for the early escapes. i thought today was the last day to book. i really want to go to CSA in 2012 and still have to work on a few things. soooooo glad i have till the end of June.

    (stay of 7 nights or more)
    Book by June 30, 2011; Travel between December 26, 2011 and December 25, 2012

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    Can you book now with the early booking rates and then change the dates if needed? If so, is there a penalty for this?

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