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    Default bathroom question

    I was just wondering if there was a blow dryer in the bathroom or if I have to bring my own dryer? Thanks! 10 days to go, first time here I am so excited!

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    There is one there but it's a typical hotel one. Not powerful. My wife said she didn't like it but this time she isn't bringing one and isn't even gonna worry about drying her hair. It gets so hot and humid it's not worth it.
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    They have blow dryers attached to the wall - the small, standard hotel room kind. I prefer my own, but didn't want to waste the weight in my luggage and the ones they provide are okay. I found that I didn't really want to spend a lot of time in the bathroom drying my hair anyway

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    Our room at CSS had a blow dryer in it. Enjoy!!!

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    There are but they are not that powerful.. If you have curly hair, dont worry about a blowdryer, just bring alot of clips

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    There is a hair dryer but, they generally aren't that good...if you have thick hair definitely bring your own.

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    The bathrooms do have blowdryers.

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    The information I have is that there is a hair dryer in the room. Enjoy.

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