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    Default CSA was amazing, I felt like royalty

    My husband and I honeymooned at CSA April 9-13, and we couldn't of asked for a better place then CSA. From the moment you arrive with them offering moist scented towels and champagne, to all the friendly smiles and courtesy, every staff member wanted to make sure we were enjoying our stay. We had talked about going to Mexico, but my husband and our travel agent strongly suggested the beautiful caribbean waters of Jamaica. It was a trip to paradise, the water is so clear you can see your feet no matter how deep you go! Snorkeling is a must, it is so beautiful. I am plotting and planning to try to get the money together to go back asap!!! It is beautiful, romantic, hypnotic and they gave us a room where we were literally 4 feet from our patio to the beach. We could pull back the curtains and lay in bed and watch the ocean. I am in love with CSA and plan to go back asap. If you are contemplating, this is a sure thing. Every morning we had juice and rolls on our patio as our first breakfast, and then we ventured on to Patios restaurant where you must try the stuffed banana french toast, it is so yummy! The drinks were plentiful my favorite was called purple rain, but the bobsled and hummingbirds are delicious too. The skies were blue, the water magnificent and talk about sand gravity, once you step onto the beach you just don't want to leave. There is nothing bad I can say about this place, it was paradise!!!

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    Going there on 5/13/11 and reading this has made me even more excited!! Can't wait!

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    So glad you had a great time and I'm not going to CSA until Dec of 2012 so really enjoyed hearing all about it.
    I keep hearing about the stuffed banana french toast and the hummingbirds so I know I have to try them both!!
    We are getting married at CSA and then going over to CN for our honeymoon! I love that idea just so next time we go back then I will know for sure which hotel I really want to stay at! Do you mind me asking you what your room # was? We have Beachfront Veranda Suites at CSA and really want to know what the best room # is so we can ask for it when we get there! maybe I should ask was your room a BVS or just the Beachfront Suite? Thanks for any info you can give me and congrats on your new life together!!

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    So glad you enjoyed your stay, and I agree CSA is about as close to Paradise as you can get! I can't wait to get back home! You got me thinking maybe I should splurge on BF room this time- The only disagreement I have is that I thought the Purple Rains tasted like Dimetap (the cough medicine) lol, But I sure miss my Hummingbirds!!!!

    Cheers and Blessings!!
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