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    I have searched a bit and tried to figure this out. Our flight does not leave Jamaica until much later in the day and I think only 1 shuttle leaves the resort daily. Is this right? I just don't want to spend 15 hours waiting around in an airport. If there is only 1 bus that leaves at a certain time, should I look into getting another form of transport?

    Only 20 days!!!!

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    No, a shuttle will leave whenever there is someone needing a ride to the airport. They leave about 3-4 hours hours before your flight, so you get to the airport about 2 hours before your flight....enough time to check in, check out the shops or get a bite to eat before your plane leaves. They will take a shuttle with only one couple on board if they need to.
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    In our experience there were multiple airport shuttles leaving CN throughout the day. People looked equally miserable on every one of them, though.

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    This is not correct, shuttles leave according to guest need. They will plan to have you at the airport approximately 2 hours prior to your flight departure time. If you are staying in Negril they will allow 2 hours travel time, not sure how long they allow if you are staying in Ocho Rios. You will receive a note in your room telling you what time to have your luggage outside your room so they can take it to the lobby for you and what time you need to be checked out and ready to leave. There is a flight option which will save you about 2 hours time but it is not complimentary, it is at your own expense. Again, depending on which side of the island you are staying will make a difference in your options.
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    Both times we have gone to Couples, we had early morning flights and Couples arranged a small taxi for just the two of us.

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    That's the beauty of going to a Couples resort. Couples supplies transfers to and from each of their resorts. They will make sure you are picked up from the airport and then taken back to the airport in plenty of time for your return flight.

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    Great ... thanks for the info. I did a search and was trying to figure it out! We are going to CSS and our flight doesn't leave until 3:30 so we will probably be able to eat breakfast at the resort. YAY!


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    You will be asked to be up at the lobby about 4 hours before your flight departs... whatever time that is. No worries... they will put the note under your door letting you know the specifics a day or two before you are to leave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UpstateNYer View Post
    In our experience there were multiple airport shuttles leaving CN throughout the day. People looked equally miserable on every one of them, though.
    Funny...and oh so true!!

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    Our flight didn't leave until 10:30 p.m. so we had the entire day to just relax, have lunch, read a book, have another rum punch...or two.
    We had to be out of our room by noon but we stayed in our bathing suits until late afternoon. The hotel was filled to capacity, so we couldn't stay in another room before departing, but the wonderful people at CTI arranged that we could shower at the spa and change there before getting on the bus.

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