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    My fiance and I are going to CTI in October. I have read that the resorts have shampoo/soap dispensers in the showers. Is there conditioner? If so, is it any good? My hair gets tangled and dry really easily. Is the soap good, or is it typical hotel soap that stinks and dries out your skin?

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    I would recommend bringing your own conditioner. After all the sun and chlorine your hair will appreciate the extra moisture. Other than that I personally find the toiletries to be perfectly adequate.

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    that being said we always bring toilet most hotels its rough
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    There is no conditioner and the shampoo doesn't really work well for my hair so I bring my own. It would be fine for some types of hair though. The soap does dry out my skin but it smells good. I bring a bar of Dove.

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    Yes, they have shampoo, body wash in the shower. The shampoo says it's a conditioning shampoo. On this last trip I forgot my shampoo at home somehow, oops. It wasn't a catastrophe. We used the shampoo provided. Although it took more than I use at home to get lathered up sufficiently, and was NOT very conditioning, we made do. Next time I'll make sure I've got my own though.

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    Given your description of your hair you'll probably want your own shampoo and conditioner, it's a shampoo/conditioner combo. I have short hair and don't blow dry and it worked fine for me but sounds like you may have to be a bit more particular.

    Shower gel is provided and I actually liked it and I'm rather picky about scents and also have dry skin but it was nice, I doubt I'll pack my own next trip.

    Both are in large dispenser bottles on the wall in the shower. We also had a small bar of soap on the sink which we just used for washing our hands. I suspect they would replace it if you used it in the shower instead of the shower was one of those tiny bars. I don't really recall what it smelled like but if it was stinky I would remember that and since we only used it on our hands I can't say how drying it was.

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    Just returned from CTI. In the shower is shampoo/conditioner and shower gel. I liked the gel better than the shampoo. The soap they give you is very good. It doesn't dry out the skin. It has vitamin E.

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    The soap and shampoo are fine, but a big YES, you need to definitely bring conditioner... it is not provided, and your hair will be a disaster without it.

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    The shampoo is a combo shampoo/conditioner. Body soap is awesome. They also have amazing lotion in the room.

    If you're worried about dryness, maybe only bring your own conditioner. I'm a freak about my skin being hydrated and soft and I never had a problem with their body wash and lotion. The only problem is that you can't bring it home, since the containers are bolted to the walls, lol!
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    Thank you all for your responses. Looks like I'll be bringing my own conditioner! I figured it would go that way anyways!

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    I took Pantene spray and leave in conditioner last year. I used it after showering and when I got out of the pool while combing out. My is not long, but this sure helped keep it from drying out.

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