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    Default World Cup 2010 at CTI?

    Will aby bars in CTI show the 2010 Football World Cup or will we have to go off-site to watch it?

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    None of the bars at CTI have TV's in them. You may be able to watch it your room.
    Irie Mon

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    Off into town it is then.
    No problem.

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    There used to be a big screen TV in the game room people watched sporting events on before the remodel. I bet there still is one - anyone???
    Shari & James
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    The "Games Room" has a large, not huge, but bigger than before, flat screen TV and isn't far from the main bar. I am sure there will be others in there also. It is right next to the Pool Side Grill. So you can get your snacks, burgers oh and don't forget the cheese fries and a drink or two and head to the "Game Room".

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