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    Default The end of time....

    Watching the news last night and they are talking about all of these people that are predicting the world will come to a end THIS year and all I can think of is NOOOOOOOO I am not going to couples till Dec of 2012! haha
    A for one...I do not believe that and for 2 I have to see these amazing Couples resorts before I leave this world!
    I cannot leave knowing that I would have never experienced all the wonders and the beauty that everyone talks about on this message board! My fiance and I have booked a week at CTI, CSA and CN next Dec so I will get to experience atleast 3 of these resorts and then I will be able to relate to everything you guys mention on this message board but until then I will just have to day dream about it all!! Did the countdown yesterday and we only have 578 days how I said only??? 578 longgggg days but this to shall pass!!!

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    Do you mean a week at each of these resorts for a total of three weeks? Jealous!!!!

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    People have been predicting the end of the world annually since the dawn of time.

    Balderdash, all of it.

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    The bible says the end will come “like a thief in the night”. No man is able, or should, predict when the end of the world will happen.

    Live life like your last day is tomorrow and enjoy every moment.

    Life is really good

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    A week at each resort, wow, am I ever jealous. You will want time to come to a standstill, and the world as you knew it will end once you have been to a couples resort, it will change you and you will long for the days you will return, again and again and again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimnmariann View Post
    Do you mean a week at each of these resorts for a total of three weeks? Jealous!!!!
    Yes we are staying a total of 21 nights, so 7 nights at each resort and sorry to rub it in but I have to say
    I'm quite excited about it!! Getting married at CSA and honeymoon at CN and figured what the heck
    we'll just stay a week in Ocho Rios too!! But again dont forget we still have another 17 months before
    we go which bums me out!

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    I agree to live life like there is no tomorrow and YES life is REALLY good!!!

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    Well we started out booking CSA for 11 nights but so badly wanted to go to the River Dunns Falls so we talked ourselves into going 1 week before and staying at CTI and then we decided to add on to our trip for 3 nights to CN and then thought hey if we make this 7 nights at each resort then we can have 900 resort credits so we did it! I have never been on a vacation this long but have always dreamed about it and it will probably never happen again so Im going to soak up and enjoy every moment of this wonderful trip!! My fiance says I hope you like this place so much that you never want to vacation anywhere else ever again! I know I will love Couples and it will be come our home but there is still a few other places on my bucket list I would love to see!! But I do dream about going to Couples and cant wait to experience everything you guys have been able to experience!!

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    You go girl.... Love it... wishing you the best on your wedding and honeymoon.... CN is where our hearts are...

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    Not to worry. The doomsday date on the Mayan Calendar is 12/20/12. So if you go early enough in Dec you will be fine. LOL

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    Ha zaraforty.....I would love to say that comforted me but it really didnt but thanks for the laugh!!

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    Thanks trisha2u! appreciate the kind words and cant wait to see where our hearts end up!!
    I know it will either be CSA or CN cause just not excited about CTI as much as I am for the other two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soonerfans View Post
    Thanks trisha2u! appreciate the kind words and cant wait to see where our hearts end up!!
    I know it will either be CSA or CN cause just not excited about CTI as much as I am for the other two.
    CTI and OR is totally different from CSA, CN and Negril. Open your eyes and your heart. The staff is remarkable. Highly unlikely that there will be much change over in the next 500+ days as many have been there since they were teens--Byron, a Bellman has been there 20+ years (if I am remembering correctly) he started with CTI when he was 16. We continue to see many familiar faces every time we return to CTI and we are making our 5th trip in July. Are there new faces?? Sure, but they still have the same warm smile and royal treatment service. Another thing we love about CTI is the peacefulness. The beach, be it small, is private. There are no vendors except a few the resort allows to set up just off the beach on beach party night. That means there are no boaters with jet skis and parasailing. Just the quiet waves lapping the beach. The only boat is the resort snorkel boat, dive boat and the catamaran cruise.

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    Make sure you sign up for the romance rewards and you can go to CSS on trading places day. I bet you'll be the first people to go to all four resorts in one vacation if you do.

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    Personally, if I were able to choose where I want to be when I die, it would be on a floatie at CSA. Just sayin.............

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    Thanks Vickyj for your input on why you love CTI and now you make me more excited about going and staying there for sure! I am one of those girls "the more the merrier" so that is why I was thinking I wouldnt like the small beach with no one else on there as much but you have convinced me that I will still love it and cant wait and deep down I am glad that we are seeing Ocho Rios and Negril! Hey do you recommend the trading places to CSS? My fiance wants to do that and I wasnt really interested so what do you think?
    Thanks again Vickyj

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