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    Default I have some convincing to do! is my dilema. My sister and brother-in-law want to take a trip with us this coming winter to celebrate my brother-in-law's 40th birthday and our wedding anniversary! We were married at CSA in November 2009 and absolutely loved it! We haven't been back yet and are hoping to convince my sister and her husband that this is the place we need to go!! We so desperately want to return however the other two are holding out to see if something better comes along. I, of course, know that this place is the best out there but how do I convince the other two of that? They were married in the Bahamas by the way, and liked it, but don't necessarily want to go back there either. Suggestions??

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    I've compared 100s of all inclusives and couldn't find a better option. Let them compare and they will come around. Or get a travel agent who loves Couples and have them sell it.

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    Suggest that they read the message board and show them lots of pics!!! :O)

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    When you say something better are you talking price? There are less expensive resorts out there, there are giltzier resorts out there, but honestly you get what you pay for. Have you shown them what is included? Yes, there are all inclusives for less, but do you get the catamaran? the snorkling? If you head to CTI the horseback riding? And most of all the great food and service! I have been all over the Caribbean and with the exception of one place I have never had the service, or quality of food that I have experienced at all 4 of the Couples Resorts. What seems to be holding them back?

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    First of all, there isn't "something better", so waiting for that is out of the question. Secondly, I would
    to this "
    (?!) message board, so that they can see for themselves how the members of the Couples family feel
    their favorite resort. Let them find out why many of us keep returning year after year. When there are so many places in the world that we could go, and we choose to remain with true to Couples. They will see the excitement and
    we all have. Show them the virtual tour so they will understand what makes us return like the
    to Capistrano. It is a
    that renews our spirit, and our faith unlike any other. Show them the "Meet up at Couples" thread so that they might read of all the superlatives we use to describe something that is really
    . And finally, just tell them, "Once
    go, you know". Let them find out for themselves why couples, like us, are returning for our 32 visit this April. then tell them, "Once you go, you know". Beyond that there is little else to say.

    Good luck!


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    Wedding anniversaries trump a birthday, even if it is a 40th birthday. I would use my trumph card and go back home. I realize how important a vacation is. If you can't talk them into Couples I would suggest having a celebration where you live for all couples then part ways when it comes time for your vacation. DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF GOING SOMEPLACE ELSE! We had been to couples twice and my husband wanted to try Mexico just for the sake of trying something new. Needless to say we BOTH spent the entire vacation missing the warm smiles of the staff and having No Worries. Take it from someone who gave in....DON'T. Going back home to CTI end of March I talked about going to Italy and my husband said, "we would spend the entire trip wishing for hummingbirds" haha

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    Book your trip and tell them if they want to take a vacation with you this is where they have to go

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    Wow! Thanks guys for the input! Those are very good ideas and I especially like the idea of directing them to the message board!

    Not exactly sure what is holding them back. We don't often take trips like this so I think they are wanting to make sure they take their time and make the perfect decision. I, of course, know that Couples is the perfect decision

    I am so inspired every time I read other people's comments on how wonderful their experience was. Especially those of you that have been back multiple times. This is the only place I've been to in the Caribbean but even looking at other web sites nothing seems to compare to this one-of-a-kind resort! I truely believe that this is the best and hopefully my family will too! Once they go, they will know

    Thanks again!

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    People we met at CN in 2009 and have stayed in touch with and met there again in 2010 and again in 7 days, have traveled all over the world for vacation and not repeated anywhere until CN. We have traveled all over the Caribbean and now we only go to CN for the winter relief. Of course we still go to other places, but not, I repeat, not for sand, beaches and water. We still visit family in other countries but our hearts and winter vacation is to CN. Like I said, 7 days and a bag drag.

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    We also were married Nov,11,09 at couples sunset wedding and booked our trip back from nov 5th -nov 13. you can go to you tube and look at different videos of couples, have them look up reviews almost all are positive. that is what conviced us to book the first time.

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    GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!!! They left it up to us to book so we are all traveling to CSA November 5th-11th!!! We are beside ourselves with excitement and can not wait for November to get here! Thanks to all of the suggestions!! CSA here we come!

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    I am sooo glad that they came around. Make sure when u come home that u write a long review about how much they loved Couples and r ready to book their next trip there.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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    I just read your thread, and was hoping you would get to go. We took our friends suggestion and leave in 38 days with them. We are so excited, it will be our 20th wedding anniversary. They could not stop talking about it when they got back a couple years ago! We looked at their pictures and the website and new we would enjoy it, so this is our year. This message board has been so helpful. ENJOY your time and glad it worked out for you.

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