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    Default October or November 2011???

    My husband and I are looking at booking Couples Negril for our 40th wedding anniversary in 2011. Since we can't decide between October and November, does anyone have any info about which month is better weather-wise? We can't go toward the end of November because of family obligations. Any info would be much appreciated.

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    We've done both months and the weather is similar...nice & warm, chance of afternoon showers. The difference is only a few degrees at best, and both times we only had rain once or twice the whole week. If you choose October, the resort anniversary party is WONDERFUL!
    Jamie & David
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    I would say the main differences are the possibility of a hurricane or rainy weather. Both months are hurricane season, but October seems to get more rainy weather than November.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We like make trips to the Caribbean in late Nove, so I'm always watching the weather from about Aug til Nov. You definitely want to go in Nov and the later, the better. Oct is a risk for tropical storms, because the water is still pretty warm, but the cold fronts start to come in around the beginning of Nov, which push any tough storms out, as happened with Tomas. Of the last 28 days that we were in the Caribbean in late Nov, it maybe rained 3 total afternoons. (and when I say "cold front" that's not a reflection on air temp. It's always in the high 80's)

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    When is the anniversary party?

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    We have had some seriously bad weather end of October, also rough seas that can affect the diving

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