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    Default Please help- honeymoon

    Ok. My love proposed at csa in April. Now we are planning to return to couples for our honeymoon. Question is, what one?! We visited cn during trading places. I have been there twice before. I love cn, the buffet rocks and the beach/ pool are superior, in my opinion, to csa. Csa had the most gorgeous rooms and seagrapes was amazing. However, I really do think the staff and food overall was better at cn. My fiancé and I are in the service industry, so obviously that is VIP for us.
    We are thinking exploring the other side would be great, but with all of the feedback, I am lost. I know that no matter what, it's couples... We will be home, and in paradise.
    Cti has more restaurants, but then I see people saying
    it's better food at css? We want courses and adventurous food. Love feathers and lemongrass...otahetie
    I'm sure I spelled that incorrectly.
    Also, what about a split stay? How easy is that? We could do up to 10 days, so perhaps half and half? Has anyone done ie 4 at cti, 3 css, 3 cn?
    I apologize in advance for the length and randomness of this, but help!

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    I prefer CSA over CN - CN is my second choice based on food, nightlife, sports complex and rooms. We do not use the pools at CSA and did enjoy the pool at CN and the beach and water were gorgeous but for us, CSA is the whole package.

    I have not stayed at CTI and really have no interest in doing so but will be staying one of these days at CSS and I had a very good experience there years ago.

    I would personally never split a stay between Ochi and Negril with just a week but often split between the cliffs and Couples in Negril - for us that is really the ultimate vacation.

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    I wouldn't split between 3 resorts for only 10 days. You would be spending most of your time packing/unpacking/moving. A 2 way split would be fine. I say head on over to the Ocho Rios side and check out those resorts. Perhaps 5 days at CTI and finish it up with 5 days at CSS as CSS is the most romantic of the four resorts. Also make sure you are at CSS on Friday night for the Gala and Thursday night for the Repeater's Dinner.

    Also remember (as I'm sure you are aware, your first and last day of your vacation is spent traveling and really isn't any beach time.

    One other thought, to get the repeater's perks of resort credits, you must stay at the same resort for 7 nights.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I think that 3 days at three resorts would not be optimal for a honeymoon. While the idea of hitting three Couple in one vacation (or honeymoon) sounds great, it seems to me to be a bit too ambitious to allow time to relax and enjoy any one of them fully. I think you would be doing yourself a disservice by making the pace a bit too hectic by placing a burden of "we have to do all this in three days!" mind set. Then having to pack, unpack and prepare to leave for half the days you are in Jamaica. If you really can afford 10 days, pick two resorts that seem to offer you the most of what you are looking for and spend 5 days at each. I think that would afford the most enjoyment for you and your new husband. Otherwise, pick one, have a great time and anticipate the next trip, perhaps to a different Couples resort.

    But that's just my opinion. Do what ever strikes you as appropriate and have a great trip!

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    I dont think you could go wrong with any of them for your honeymoon!! But since you've already been to both of the ones in Negril if anything I'd split your time between the two in Ocho Rios

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    I think a split between 2 resorts for 9 days would be fine, I think between you would have no time to relax unwind, but that is jmo. We find the food at CTI amazing. We have visited CSS during the lunch buffet and it was comparable to CTI, but we think CTI has more choices on the lunch buffet. We can't compare the dinners as we have not been to CSS during the dinner hour. My husband loves 8 Rivers for the steaks and lamb. I love just about anything but their soups are tremendous. I don't know when you are going, but after sometime in August, CTI will not only have more restaurant choices than CSS, but will have full room service. 8 Rivers, the Verandah and Bayside all provide multi-course sit down meals. The buffet, well, as many course as you want to serve yourself.

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    I'd say that's too much transferring around. Stick to one side of the Island and do 3 nights at CTI first then 5 at CSS (the most romantic Couples of all) and make sure to be at CSS on a Friday night for the Starlight Gala.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    We honeymooned at CSS back in october and we fell in love right away with it. What we liked was how it was a bit more secluded than other resorts and allowed for a more intimate feel. Less crowded beaches and fewer ppl was right up our alley. We planned on going every two years but decided we can't wait that long. Im booking us for another 9 or 10 days in october in a couple weeks

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    thanks everyone. yes, that is way too much shifting around. so its true that if we book a split between cti and css we lose the $300 early booking credit? we are thinking of going in jan, but still keeping our options open. just not sure about the weather.

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    If you read the bullet points, one of them says "$300 resort credit when staying 7 nights or longer".
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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