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    Default Photos from our trip to Sans Souci last week . . .

    Our first trip to Couples Sans Souci sadly is now history. We've got our memories and photos to keep us going until our next Couples vacation in 2012. We've been home almost a week now and the depression is slowly getting better.
    We really enjoyed meeting our new friends at CSS. Here's a link to our photo gallery. We took several photos of friends there and promised to upload the images. If you see a photo you want, just click the Save Photo icon and download it.

    Don and Corlis' Photo Gallery - Couples Sans Souci 2011

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    Thank you Don and Corlis for the memories. We have been going to CSS since 2006, missed 2008, are planning an Oct. vacation 2011. The photography was awesome. So glad to see that you explored all that CSS has to offer.
    Linda Smith

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    Awesome photos! I tried to borrow a photo of the rock entrance into the ocean and one of the sax player. I believe you called it one of your favorites from the trip. Thanks!

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    Default A great week at CSS

    Don and Corlis,
    Your pictures are amazing. I think we'll just keep our pic's in the camera, and download
    It was great meeting you both. Hope to meet up again!

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    Hi Sue and Mike,
    We really enjoyed meeting and talking with you as well. Only wish we had crossed paths earlier in the week.
    We've booked our next trip (April '12) for CTI. If y'all are back at CSS in April and our dates coincide, we'll do a day swap with CSS and visit.

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    Thanks for the memories too! I remember briefly meeting you during one of the evening events at the end of our stay (April 22-26). Also, so glad to see some pictures of other great friends we made during out trip! :-)

    Already preparing to book our next Couples visit!

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for sharing we are going there next month to be married!

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    Absolutely grand photos. Feel like we've already been there! Looking forward to our first CSS trip and seeing firsthand all the things you've previewed. Thanks for sharing. don

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