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    I saw on a post that someone had mentioned that you must stay 7 nights in order to redeem the romance reward perks. We are at the Passionate level and can only come for 5 nights this time around. We still get the perks that apply correct?

    I searched the Romance Rewards page and did not see anywhere that it states that we must be there for 7 nights. Seems like once you have earned the level - you have earned the perks.

    Thanks for clarification in advance.

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    At one time you had to stay 7 nights or longer to get the resort credit, I don't know if that is still true, but you will still get the other perks.
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    I hope you get an answer to this - we're in the same boat. Can't do a whole 7 days but are at the passionate level so I think we've earned the perks!

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    We're at passionate too. You do not have to stay 7 nights to receive your perks. For the previous RR plan, you had to stay 7 nights in order to receive the cheque on departure. Since the plan has been revised there is no cheque, only resort credits so the minimum time is no longer an issue. Have fun and enjoy.

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    We've stayed for less than 7 days and got the perks.

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    I actually spent a little time hunting around and found an answer from Randymon - no we do not have to stay 7 nights - yeah!

    We normally stay 7 or 8 nights and 3 or 4 on the cliffs but we were not supposed to go this year but managed to squeeze in 5 nights this time. Can't wait......June 28th!


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