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    Default Singles @ Couples

    I know , I know....

    however , in the FAQ section is the following :

    "COUPLES ONLYAll rooms are double occupancy unless you are traveling as part of a contracted group. In such event, single occupancy rooms may be requested, subject to availability."

    So , has anyone ever had to request this? I am wondering if the single would pay the same rate as a double occupancy would....


    Resort in question is CN.

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    what would be the reason for the single?? Is this for a wedding? If not than NO. Anyway, I'm not sure that a single person would enjoy themselves very much.

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    I would assume the answer would be yes and typically allowed only in a situation of a group in a wedding....not a group that gets together and there is a single that wants to go...but that is my opinion only.

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    If they are coming for a wedding they are welcome, but management must be made aware that they are a single as Couples tries to keep the couple theme going. I've been to CTI when there was a wedding with WAY too many single people and it became a meat market. Since that time I think they have installed the limit to number of single persons rule. (Which I greatly appreciate.)

    If you do have a single person coming with your group, they would pay the double occupancy rate.
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    Yes and double rate was charged. This is common with wedding groups where there is sometime a single parent or relative who wishes to attend but does not have a partner. There is no price break.

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