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    Default Night snorkeling at CSA

    Does anyone have any information on the night snorkeling at CSA? Rates, frequency, is it worth it, etc.


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    Never been, but I've heard that the night snorkel views are amazing! I've also read that some folks just can't handle the disorientation that can be experienced during this trip.

    Its a smaller group, but a minimum of four people must be signed up for the boat to go out. And there IS an extra cost... initially, it was $35 pp, but I understand that has gone up ($50 pp?).

    Hope that helps...

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    I think it is very worth it and plan on doing it again when we go next month. Very different variety of animals are out at night. Plus when we went last time there were low clouds overhead with distant lightening. Very surreal experience to be out in a dark ocean with red clouds overhead with flashes of light. If it was clear I think the star gazing would be extraordinary away from the resort lights. In fact, I kinda wish they had a nighttime excursion up a mountain to see stars that many of us from more urbanized areas may never see due to light pollution.

    They won't make the trip unless they have 4 or more folks, IIRC. The fee is pretty nominal, like $35/person. You can put your name on a list and they will try to coordinate a trip. You can do the daytime trip to see if it appeals to you, the nighttime trip is similar, with the coolness factor cranked up and more animals out.

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    Is it cold at night and if so do you need a wetsuit?

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    I thought it was sort of a waste of money and not really all that fun. We didn't see anything that we hadn't already seen while diving and the lights were not that bright, unless someone was shining theirs right in your eyes. That happened a lot and then it was really bright. There seemed to be way fewer fish than earlier that day but whenever someone did find something interesting all the other people would shove and kick their way over to see it too. Most of the folks we were with said they loved it and went all the time. However, they were also the ones shoving people into the reefs, kicking people in the face and just generally being rude and not very aware of their surroundings or the other people they might be hurting. I spent most of my time trying not to hit the reefs and things like that but I still got really cut up and left all bloody. I felt really bad for the reefs since they don't heal nearly as fast as I do! I didn't find it very disorienting at all but maybe that's because the moon was full and I was paying attention to what was going on. I would not do it again though.

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    dingdong, no wetsuit is needed to dive or snorkel. I did not think it was ever cold in JA. My friend and I did the night snorkel cause the girls did not want to go do it. We had fun. I'll probably be doing it again next month while there (CN).

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