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    Hi everyone just got home on 5/7/11 I faced my deepest fear and went to the AN on our first full day which was Sunday. we arrived around 10am and all ready the right side was filled up quite a bit must have been a lot of first timers, so I sat at the worst place you could. When you are scared which is right below the entrance near the tower. I never did make it near the pool still was to backwards, but I did like the feeling of having no suit on it is SO FREE FEELING. after the first day I stayed to the right side. But no one makes you feel uncomfortable unless you make yourself feel that way.Also when we
    where there I would say more people where in there 20's and 30's and we are in our middle 40's so any age goes. I'm hoping to make myself go to the pool next year and meet new people. I hope this helps some of you first timers and by the way any size goes. (that was my biggest fear was being around skinny people).

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    Thanks for sharing, tms. We have gone to au natural beaches in the past, but our trip in September will be our first to Couples. I am glad t know age and body size vary. I've always felt nudists are very friendly, easy going favorite. We're looking forward to the trip and will probably spend the majority of our time at CSS at the au natural beach.

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    In general there are no friendlier folks than those you will find on an AN beach. Their wonderful attitudes will span across all age groups and body types. I have found most to be welcoming, warm and accepting. I have a nasty scar from a car accident that starts at my lower back and hooks around to my front. I felt embarrassed the first time that I went nude! My wife also has very long labia and was always self-conscious when we first starting visiting CO and AN beaches but now we are both comfortable in our skin!

    Tim and April

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