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    Default For our honeymoon CSA vs. CSS

    My fiance and I are heading to Jamaica for our honeymoon and we are debating between CSA and CSS. We really want to stay somewhere that's quiet and private, but still has a nice beach. I keep hearing how the beaches in Negril are the best, but I'm worried it may be too busy for a honeymoon.



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    CSA will be perfect. Even though there are several hotels in this area, I don't think any are over 3 stories high. It's not at all like being on a beach in the US or some of the other islands that are lined with high-rises. Also, the beach in front of CSA is very wide. Anyone walking by from other resorts will be walking along the water's edge. You will barely even notice them.

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    We got married and honeymooned at CSA and it is PARADISE.The beach is busy and very large.People from other resorts can walk by on the waterline, vendors too.Saving for trip #4 to CSA.We went to CSS last winter and it is very private and totally different.If it's quiet you are looking for,then maybe CSS is the place for you.There are lots of places at both resorts if you want to be alone.CSS has an au naturel beach if you are into that and they have all day and evening until 11pm I believe room service.CSA just has continental type breakfast.
    If you want a more vibrant and much bigger beach then choose CSA.CSS would be the quieter resort IMO. Good luck,they are all great.

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    We honeymooned at CSA and went to CSS this summer. Both places are wonderful. However, if you are a really big beach person or want to spend a lot of time playing in the Caribbean, I would recommend CSA. I'm a huge beach lover, and I spent barely any time on the beach at CSS 'cuz it was disappointing. That being said, CSS is gorgeous and we had a great time there this year.

    CSS is more quiet and private, for sure, as it is a smaller resort with a private beach.

    When at CSA, we kept mostly to ourselves and had a wonderfully romantic honeymoon, and at CSS we couldn't seem to help mingling with people. I think it just depends on your either resort you can make your trip be perfect for you.

    Not sure if this helps, but I'm sure you'll have a great trip no matter which resort you choose.


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    My new hubby and I just got back from CSA yesterday. We had the best trip of our lives!!! We also were on our honeymoon, and I thought it was perfect. I haven't been to any other Couples resorts, but I think it can be as private (or not) as you want it to be. We always had plenty of space at the beach. And let me tell you - the beach is to die for!! We never felt crowded on the beach or in the water. Many times, walking along the paths, we would not even come across other people. It was more perfect than I ever could have imagined!! I haven't been to CSS, so I can't give you that side, but as a honeymooner at CSA, I felt that we had plenty of privacy when we wanted it.

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    My wife and I got married at CN march of 08 and had a great time but there seemed to be alot more people and was more of a party enviroment. We went to CSS for our aniversery this year and it was much more seculded more peaceful and quite. As far as the beaches go the beach at CSS was smaller but was still very nice. I love to snorkle and spent many hours each day snorkeling right off of the beach. There are no vendors or other resort guests walking up and down the beach like in negril. The resort (CSS) is actually the biggest resort of the couples (land size 35 acres) with the fewest rooms (350 I think) you can walk around and literally feel like you are the only ones at the resort but also find places where you can meet other couples and have a good time. It just depends on your preferance as long as you go to a couples resort you wont be disappointed.

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    CSA and CSS are very different, almost completely opposite. But both are great! It just depends on what you are looking for in a vacation.

    Here are some quick differences:

    *CSS - The newest to the Couples family, but not the newest built. It used to be a different brand then Couples bought it. Has a completely private beach and a separate beach for nude sunbathing. Resort is spread out and built on cliffs. It's split into 3 different levels, lots of steps throughout but they offer a shuttle. Lots of foliage and hidden spots. Does not offer a catamaran cruise. Only 3 restaurants including beach grill but 24 hour room service. All rooms are suites with mini bars. Rooms are more hotel like as far as the decor.

    *CSA - Sits on 7 mile beach. Separate buildings for rooms that are cabana like, dark wood and white linens. Resort is spread out along the beach but all on beach level. Only resort with rooms right on the beach where you can walk off your first floor patio into sand. Fantastic food. Night Club. Some rooms do not have televisions. 4 restaurants plus beach grill and Sea Grape Cafe but no room service.
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