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    Default Negril or Sans Souci ??

    Couples Negril or Sans Souci??? I know this is a crazy question but I LOVE both resorts and we are trying to decide which we should try first. We love to snorkel, waterski, are laid back, love nature and beaches! We are planning our trip for March - our 10 year Anniversary!

    Any thoughts and advise is appreciated!! Thank you :-)

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    If the beach is important to you, go with Negril!!!! And the office of Nature is a short walk down the beach.

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    More nature at CSS. However, better beach CN. Water is more rough near Ocho rios, then in Negril. If beach is priority - CN. If being in a tropical paradise, with lots of foliage - CSS. Both resorts are laid back. Can not go wrong with either . ( if you want to do Dunn's River trip - CSS - too far from CN, and included at CSS ).

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    I knew this question would come up one day and I can NOT help you.

    My wife Peggy and I love both CN and CSS..They are different but the differences are wonderful...Yikes but you really got yourself a problem but a great problem..You are in a win win situation.

    We went to CN first and would NOT consider another Couples resort for years..Then I committed to try CSS and BAM!!!..We now have both CN and CSS very deep in our hearts right next to each other.

    So sorry but I can NOT help with this problem..We also have this issue every year.
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    If you are beach lovers, then it's a no-brainer. CN all the way.

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    We are beach lovers as well, but chose CSS for the amazing scenery. We loved the seclusion of it and the paths and little places to hide away for a bit of alone time!
    We had a one bed ocean suite and it was amazing, tonnes of room and storage and a huge balcony with a great view. We were in F6 and had friends in G8 we had a better view but they had a huge bathroom where ours was just a standard "just like at home" bathroom but more than adequate!

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    was there lots of places to walk? how was the beach? warm water? seaweed? I too am struggling with which one to do first...I think we are going to try CN first but I really do love the looks of CSS also!!!! I want to do both!!!

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    CN and CSS are very comparable. They both have a centralized beach area with grill and restaurants nearby with the rooms being more peripheral. CSS is very romantic with lots of room to walk and explore as well as stairs to climb. CN is equally romantic but without the stairs. The sand at CN is softer and white with warmer/clearer water while the sand at CSS is more hard and brown (not that I'm complaining) and the water is a little cooler. Either way you can't go wrong. Of course there's always the option to do a split stay and do both in one visit!!

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    We've decided not to decide next year. We're booked for a week at SS followed by a week at CN. Yay.

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    I think CN and CSS are very different resorts. We find CSS more romantic and lush, with lots of amazing foliage and scenery. We find CN to be more about the beach with a very chill vibe. We love them both - they are our two favourite Couples resorts even though we find them so different. Perhaps you might consider splitting a stay between the two resorts - that's what we did in April. One week at CSS, one week at CN. The only problem was that when we left each resort we wished we had stayed longer!

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    Questor have the perfect solution! We're doing a 3/7 days CSS/CN split in Sept like we did in 2007 and can't wait. We were at CSS in March and it got a little windy for our taste. We had a great time, however.

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    Everything I heard about CSS was true or even better. The service was unbelievable....The Beach Front Suite was perfect. it was centrally located, near everything but the room was quiet. Huge bath with separate shower and jacuzzi tub, large closet in beach colors for bedroom and living room. But the beach was a little small and many inconsiderate guest left towels to hold chairs for hours and they never returned for the 3 hours I was there.

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    We've been to all four of the Couples Resorts. CN is our favorite, while CSS is the resort we like the least. Different people have different preferences, however, and there are guests who have visited all four resorts who prefer CSS.
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