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    Default Booking More Than 1 Year Out

    Okay so what am I seems to not appreciate me trying to pick dates that far out...I understand I can't do the airfare yet either. I'm a little concerned that by booking early u then miss the package pricing. Anyone know the work around? Mom and Dad of 6 trying to get the most for our money so we can make this a yearly tradition. Sugestions?

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    We booked for 2012 already. You get the hotel credit of $300. From past experience the price will only go up by the time you are ready to travel. All you need do is put a deposit down. Balance is not due until 45 days before the trip.

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    How far out? 2013? Currently you can book all of 2012. If you want to book 2013, usually you have to call the 800#.

    I usually don't book the package deal as I can get flights cheaper and times I prefer.

    If you do book with Couples, they have a policy that if you find a better deal they will change your booking with no penalty. So if you do find a package deal that works better for you, then you can change it. Couples is great that way.
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    We are going to CSA next week. I booked this trip in December of 2009 when they announced the 2011 rates would be going up. That way I booked them at the 2010 prices. Well about a month later they announced the $500 resort credit deal. I called the travel agent and had her re-book us to take advantage of that deal. No problems. I waited till June of 2010 to start watching airfare with a good idea of what to expect. It wasn't until Sept 2010 that the airfare came down to what I wanted it to so I booked that then. Hasn't been that low since.

    Booking that far out gave us a chance to save up for the trip but the wait has been loooooong.
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    In March 2011 I booked CN for September 2011. This will be our first trip to Couples but based on all the wonderful things said here on this message board...we went ahead and sight unseen booked for September 2012 too. That's a year and a half out! Couldn't pass up on the $300 resort credit for early bookings ( which has now been extended twice). We paid the $400 deposit and can cancel right up to July of next year. Though we don't plan on doing that. Why would we???

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    I don't think airline reservations can be booked more than 11 months in advance, regardless of where you are traveling. I think it might be an FAA thing in the US.

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    If you book more than a year out, you can't book air... in fact, most airlines won't (or can't?) book more than 333 days out. Sooooo....

    Solution is to book your best deal on the resort when you can... then, if that means you're booking too soon for air, start saving up for the air... and book it when you can at the best price you can find.

    Such are the foibles (and fun) of vacation planning 101...

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    We booked our 2011 trip 4 months before we took our 2010 trip.
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