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    My fiance and i will be getting married at CN late August andI'm planning on bringing a couple "special" lingerie for the week but I want to make sure he doesn't see them beforehand. When you go through Customs in Jamaica do they open your bags and search them? Do I need to have him go through Customs before me so he won't see his surprises? Thanks for the advice in advance!

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    We've never had that happen in our 8 trips. They have always just waved us through after handing them the forms.I don't think I ever saw anyones bags getting checked on the way in. Leaving Jamaica is another story though. On more than a few occasions, we had our carry-on's checked once at security and then again just before boarding the plane.

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    Never been searched in 7 trips.


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    No, 99% of the time they do not open your luggage. On the 7 trips that we have made they have never opened our luggage. Good thing too, considering some of the nighties that I pack I would rather customs not see.

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    I dont remember Customs opening my bad going into jamaica. Only time would be regular security for USA. We flew in went down a ramp and right to customs, got in line they talked to us they stamped our book, then went and picked up our luggage then to the Couples Lounge so I am pretty sure you will be safe with the sexy stuff! Have fun.

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    They will check your bags if you claim anything on your way into Jamaica. I did that once (school supplies), but not since, because I thought that by doing so, we'd get through a shorter line... NOT. The line WAS shorter, but it took more time.

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    Just go through the "nothing to declare" line and you will be fine. (After immigration and having retrieved your bags, stay in the left lanes, the right lane is to declare stuff.) They will quickly look at your paperwork and pass you right on through.
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    In 4 trips to Jamaica, no one has ever gone through our luggage.
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    We've never had ours opened and I've never seen them open others. You'll be going through the "nothing to declare" lines, no searching of luggage. I have heard of people being asked to show items in the "items to declare" lines...most commonly that is Jamaicans returning home with large quanitities of something they purchased or tourists bringing large quantities of something to give away (such as a whole suitcase full of school supplies) and they opt to declare rather than try to get it past.

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    Never had them open bags going into Jamaica but they will open them when you are leaving

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    In 6 trips I'm not sure we even stop walking when we get to customs.

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    Lat time I went in October with my family my mom actually got checked. And checked good! lol They took her into a side room and checked all her stuff. She was so embarrassed! lol Turns out they were doing a lottery check that day and checked everyone named Kathy! LOL

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    Wife and I went to Jamaica last October. Entering Jamaica was a breeze. They didnt check anything except passport and customs paperwork. Leaving was a total different experience. I had my carry on checked extensively at first check point. Than again as we were boarding our plane in the ramp leading to the plane. I am positive the 2nd check point, they were looking for drugs. I have also read on this board that they will bring in drug dogs when checking you when you leave Jamaica

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    Wow, what stories. We have been to Jamaica 3 times and never had a problem coming in or going out of Jamaica. It never took us more than a few minutes once we got to the desk at any checkpoint. Sure hope our luck holds out.

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    We just returned home yesterday. When we returned to the hubby along with many others were randomly choosen for some extra attention. It just the sign of the times! The lines did move relatively quickly.

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