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    Just got back a few days ago from CN and have to say I loved the au naturel beach. First of all the beach itself is wonderful. The sand is so soft, the water was gorgeous and I loved the floats on the chairs. I wasn't sure what to expect, I figured the beach would be full of young men and women with picture perfect bodies. That was not the case. Most people were in there 40s and up and came in a variety of sizes and shapes. And what a friendly group of people. Had some great conversations. At night hubby and I would get a bottle of champagne and hit the hot tub and look at the stars. That was so nice. Most times were we alone, but one night we did meet up with another couple. So give it a shot, you will love it. We are already planning next year's vacation. It will be tough going to the beach this summer wearing a bathing suit. Enjoy!

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    I'm so glad you posted this. My husband and I are going to CN in July for the first time and we have decided to try out the AN beach. We are "newbies" when it comes to AN in public (we use our hot tub naked) and you have helped answer some of the questions I had regarding the beach and the people there. Thanks

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