Hi Everyone!
16 more days until we depart to CN and I couldn't be more excited, thanks to everyone for their previous answers to my post. Just a few last minute question. I have seen beautiful sunset pictures but I also understand that the sun sets in different spots based on the time of year. Will CN have a good view of the sunsetting directly over water or would it be setting over blood bay. I saw so many fabulous pictures but I'm not quite sure what the chances are of me catching one of those amazing sunsets over water.]

Second, Sand fleas. I tend to get bit by mosquitos alot. I don't know why. Last trip to Riviera Maya, I sprayed myself before going out every evening with Off 20 deet and I ended with a couple of bites. I'm not so much concerned with Mosquitos in Jamaica, but sand fleas. Is there a specific brand of repellent that works best? I've already got the cortisone cream and afterbite, but I'm hoping to avoid using it. Are they particularly bad throughout this time of year?

Lastly, I have read on these reviews about some previous guest buying and using the Easy Breeze doorway screen curtain. I LOVE to hear nature and the ocean and would love to be able to leave the door open at night. I've heard many people discuss this screen in particular because of the tension rod and the fact that there are not tacks or tape that could potentially destroy the property. If there is anyone that has use this or any netting with success, can you please comment and let me know what I should be in the market for?

Thank you so much again!