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    This may have been asked previously but does anyone have a copy of the menus at Couples Swept Away?? (I have looked at the sample menus provided on the website)

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    That may be a difficult request. At CN, the menus change every two days. When we took the kitchen tour, Chef Misja stated that there are 70-80 seperate menus at CN.
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    Yeah, the menus at CSA rotate periodically, and the restaurants can have a new menu each night. There are some regular staples, particularly at breakfast at Patois or at Sea-Grapes, so the sample menus give you a good idea of what to expect. Is there something in particular you are looking for or want to avoid? I'm not a picky eater but I've noticed that each place typically has a vegetarian or non-seafood appetizer/entree, plus I am sure they would try to accomodate any food allergies or other special requests.

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    Wow. Thanks. We both have dietary restrictions. Looking at the sample menus we should be fine.

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