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    Can anyone tell me what the dress code is in the evening for men at the restaurants in CSS? We are travelingin June and just want to pack appropriately!


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    From the FAQs:

    WHAT TO PACK/DRESS CODE - Casual by day, resort chic by night. Lightweight cotton clothing and swimwear attire are perfect for day. For evening gourmet dining and lounging at the bar, cocktail attire is required in most of our restaurants (no shorts or beach cover-ups); a jacket is optional. Check the 'restaurant & bars' section of your selected resort for more details on dining dress code. For certain activities like golf or shopping in town, appropriate attire is recommended.
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    A little less than halfway down the FAQ page is a general statement about dress code at the resorts.

    Here is a link to the restaurant page specific to CSS and under each restaurant you will see the dress code.

    Most of the time men will be wearing nice shorts with a hawaiian syle or golf style shirt and a pair of nice sandals or deck shoes. Think of kicking it up just a little from your average, casual, t-shirt type restaurant at home. Not jackets and ties but not quite as casual as you may be normally. No one is going to look at you and wonder why on earth you are wearing THAT! It's about the two of you, a nice romantic summer evening out...all week. The idea is to keep the vibe romantic and most folks find the t-shirt and tacky rubber flip flops kind of detract from that that painting a better picture?

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