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    Default CSS how close to nude beach

    We booked a stay at CSS for June 2015 in a Deluxe Ocean Verandah room. What building are these rooms in? How close to the nude beach? Would like to be close to SSB but not too concerned, more curious as we have never been to a Couples resort before.

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    The rooms you've booked are on the opposite end of the resort - but no worries - it's not that far. If you want the closest to SSB choose
    One Bedroom Beachfront Suite - these are just a couple hundred yards from there.

    By the way, make sure you add a post in this thread for June 2015:

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    The closest room category to SSB is the one bedroom beachfront suites and they are only in Blocks A & B. Not sure where the Deluxe Ocean Verdah rooms are located.

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    As previously's not too far to SSB. You are at the farthest end of the property, but we've stayed at CSS 3 previous times and we still prefer the DOV rooms (one bedroom, separate living room). (we've stayed in the ocean suite and a beachfront suite) There is a huge, beautiful balcony and it is just so private and pretty.
    Just a tip....a shorter route to the beach is to go out your front entrance; turn right and follow the driveway past the reception area all along to the stairwell that leads down to the buffet restaurant and just along that walkway and cut through the back of buildings A and B and follow the paved trail to SSB. You can walk along the front walkway but you will be going up and down a few stairwells along the ocean (gorgeous and great exercise!). It sounds complicated, but you will get the hang of it.
    Lots of beautiful little nooks to discover (love to slip into the fresh water grotto near the mineral cool off); even take in my mask and snorkel to check out the minnows! Food is yummy, staff are superb - a little piece of heaven! Ssssh! Don't tell anyone!
    Any questions...just ask!

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    I believe you will be in G block with the Deluxe Ocean Veranda. We stayed in this room category this past July and LOVED IT (G-12B). We booked it again for next summer. The G block is the furthest building from SSB (not including the Hibiscus cottages)... but it is absolutely worth the walk in our opinion. From high on the cliff you will have awesome views of the ocean and the grounds, a huge private balcony, and a nice view of the sunset if it is clear.

    The good news: It's all down hill on the way to SSB. You can stroll through the resort and around the pond, and it is a pleasant walk. The bad news: It is all up hill on the way back! But don't worry... a short walk up the hills never hurt anybody! It's literally a 5 - 7 minute walk from SSB to G block... Really not bad, but fair warning: You will be winded by the time you get there. We actually liked getting some exercise a couple times per day as we walked back to our room.
    CTI & CSS 2014

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    We love to frequent SSB when we are at CSS but we have booked the ocean verandah suites in G block for 3 out of the 4 times we have been there. It is the most distant block from SSB but if my arthritic ankle is giving me much pain we simply ask one of the guys at the lobby desk to give us a lift down, and back! It's like bing royalty!

    Don't worry about where the rooms are because a lift is always available for you. Enjoy!

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    Deluxe ocean verandah suites are also located in D & E blocks, besides G block, so you may end up in the middle of the resort, no worries, it's all beautiful on the way to everywhere!

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