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    I was wondering if anyone has ever eaten at Presley's? It's down by the Rockhouse and have heard great things about him! I'd love to hear some reviews from someone who has been there.


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    Im so glad you posted this!!! Hey so I'll try and make this short. Matt and I spent a day on the Cliffs back in Dec 2010 we stopped into Presley's and hungout for a few hours. Him and his two sons are so nice and genuine you can't even believe. We did not have the chance to eat there since we were only on the cliffs for a day and he requires you to have reservations.

    Cause he goes out and catches your food for you that day!!!!

    We love him and respect him so much we actually sent him a package with his #2 out of 81 restaurants in Negril on, a KU Jayhawaks flag and a letter letting him know that when we come down in August 2011 we would love for him to cook us dinner and spend and evening talking with him and his boys. Everytime we talk about our most memorable experience this past trip Presley's always comes up! Top priority is to eat at Presley's for sure! We think if you have the opportunity to visit Presley's go for it!

    Truly a very Jamaican experience!!!!!

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    Thank you for your reply!!!! I am really hoping we have a chance to go there. If we do I'll be sure to post about it!!

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    We will be there for our honeymoon in june. how would we go about making reservations? This sounds like an experience

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    You can give him a call and let him know that you would like to make a reservation with him probably a day in advance. For more info on his little place go to and type in Presley's bar and grill Negril.

    Here is his number
    * West End Road, Negril, Jamaica
    * (876) 440-9833
    Hope you guys have a great time on your honeymoon!

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