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    Default 9 Days till CSA!! Booked trip 515 days ago.

    Anything anyone wants me to check into while I'm there? Ill try to update while there with beach conditions and all.

    Flying out of New Orleans. Hopefully this river flooding won't mess anything up.
    "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain" - Bob Marley

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    Everything!! The beach conditions would be nice and just a review would be great. 59 days to go...

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    Have fun! So jealous.

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    I keep reading your post and wishing you the best on everything!
    Mother Nature can be pretty evil sometimes and hoping that your home is
    not any chance of being in any danger but your messages tell me there is a
    worry and I pray there is not!! I hope you have a great trip and come home
    to everything you left to. I have so many questions of course.....have never
    been there and not going until dec of 2012 so guessing I can wait to start
    asking all of these questions huh?
    Have a safe and wonderful trip!!
    ok 1 twisted my arm. do any of the resorts carry Red Stripe Light?
    was just wondering and oh yeah went and bought our bendy flexible straws at
    walmart yesterday so we officially have our first thing bought to put in our suitcase!
    pretty sad huh? 18 months away and I bought straws....oh my.....its going to be a long
    18 months! Again have a safe and wonderful trip!!

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    Oh yeah meant to say that we booked our trip 600+ days so we feel your pain!!

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