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    For those of you at CSA who tried Trading Places for the day at CN, did you leave thinking, "Wow, I wish we had stayed at CN" or "That was fun, but I can't wait to go back to CSA." Is it worth spending the day at CN if we only have 5 days?



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    We stayed at CSA in 2010 and did the Trading Places to CN. We left there feeling it was worth the time as we liked it. CSA and CN are two totally different resorts so we didn't compare them. But we did determine to go back and visited CN last month. You have nothing to lose by going as you still have your benefits of being at CSA but are able to see a new place. You'll never know if you'd want to stay there till you try. This is an easy way to see if you'd want to without having to stay.

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    We did the trading place to CN twice.(first time it was a little rainy so we gave it a second try) Both times it confirmed our choice of CSA as THE place for us. Don't get me wrong its a nice resort but I just could never stay there knowing CSA is right down the road. Not sure if I'd do the trading places with only 5 days at CSA, but... its only a short cab ride back if you decide you don't want to spend the whole afternoon there.

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    We did the trading places to CN last year when we stayed at CSA during a 10 day stay. I certainly was glad that we did it, as I had always wanted to see CN. It did confirm that CSA was the right choice for us. But we both thought that CN was lovely and enjoyed the day trip. However, on 5-day stay, I don't know that I would want to take a full day away from CSA.

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    Five days is a little to short to do trading places unless you REALLY want to see CN

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    One day is not enough time to truely enjoy the other resort. Its fun to trade places and get a little sneak peak, but I know one day doesn't do enough justice. Last year we stayed at Couples Negril and LOVED it. This year we are going to Swept Away because it is bigger and we have many more people coming and wanted to more spacious option as to not get on everyone nerves. I sometimes wonder if CSA will compare with CN but I know it will. Have fun trying to decide what to do!

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