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    Default Shade at the CN pool

    After doing much research and comparisons, Iíve definitely concluded that the beach, pool and overall laid back vibe at CN will be more to our liking. But I do have one question about the pool: While the shade trees seem quite plentiful on the CN beach, Iím wondering about the shade at the CN pool? I mean, will we be stuck out in the sun with no shade protection if we donít get up at the crack of dawn to reserve one of the prime pool spots? I simply detest the whole reserve the chair game that we've had to engage in at other resorts. At first, you resent the rudeness of those who get up early to lay their stuff out in order to claim the best spots and then hog them for the whole day while often not there to use them. Then, after a day or two of being shut out, you reluctantly decide that you have no choice but to do the same if you want a decent spot. Very annoying!

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    There are plenty of shady areas around the pool at CN available all the time. CN does not play the towel game because there are plenty of chairs and plenty of shade around the pool and on the beach. One of the many reasons we keep going back there!
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    The pool bar has some shade

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    There is shade from several trees and taller plants but you will do better by getting a lounger under a table umbrella. There are several and, usually, you shouldn't have much trouble finding one.

    If you click on "pool" from the CN map (, and view the 360^ view, you can get a sense of the shade, though that shot is early in the AM and obviously you'll lose some of the shade from the buildings.

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    There are umbrellas by the pool. We've never experienced chair saving at CN. You might also be surprised how much time you end up spending at the swim up bar and it gets some good shade in the afternoon.
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    Lots of umbrellas and shady areas at the pool - also the "dive" pool is in a nice shaded area - and pretty quiet. Enjoy our heart's home.

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    PS In CN photo gallery look at photo of main pool - this is when you come down from the lobby but there are similar trees and umbrella/chairs all around

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    The umbrellas by the pool are too small IMO. There were a few larger ones but were taken all day. We ended up at a table with a larger umbrella, kind of disappointing.

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    There always seems to be plenty of umbrellas around the pool. I usually keep a place on the beach and come up to the pool every so often to enjoy the cool clean water and the pool bar. You are going to love it!

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    Yah, some of pool umbrellas are far too small to offer any reasonable protection from the sun. When we were at CN in February earlier this year, the larger pool umbrellas and loungers were gone pretty quickly in the AM. Usually with towels left on them as well. We stuck to the beach for the week.

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    Default Pool Shade

    We have been to Cn 4 times and have never experienced chair saving. We usually go to the beach in the am and to the pool after lunch. By then even if there are not umbrellas, building 6 provides shade and all you have to do pull the chairs back into the shade - works for us every time. We have been in April, June, July and Oct/Nov so anytime of the year doesn't seem to matter.

    Have fun!

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