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    Default Honeymoon registry

    We completed a honeymoon registry through the link on the Couples website. We received credits toward the spa, gift shop and candlelit dinner at CSA.

    When you receive a gift, how do you retrieve or use it? It seems that the gift is really just money, which you are then responsible for having transferred to yourself and using/booking the actual gift. Is that right? What method did you use?


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    I would appreciate any input anyone has.

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    We did the Honeymoon Wishes registry also! You will get checks mailed to you! Our wedding party got to together and purchased gift certificates towards the candle lit dinner. But they waited until the two days before the wedding, so we got the check actually after we had got back from the honeymoon.
    If it was up to Matt we would have taken most of the money we had got and put it back towards our bank account. But we set aside a certain amount that we would use for souvenirs, and other stuff we wanted to do!
    Also if you are planning to do the candle lit dinner book it in advance!!! No matter what your travel agent says!!!

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