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    Default CN New Tings Jan 2015

    New things (to us) from late January 2015:

    White cabinet (w/ doors being added) block 1 side of boardwalk at BG bar
    Piano Bar stools painted a new color
    No-slip strips on block stairs
    Lychee slightly different menu different items on tasting platter (no yellow curry either)
    Security Guard uniforms different Collar and Cuff are reddish
    Cloth liner in room drawers
    Otaheite reservations are printed receipts (not the written card)
    Beach Grill (as others stated) is back to handing out buzzers (as opposed to ala carte)
    Activity shows 3pm for glass bottom boat (in addition to 11am)
    Activity moved catamaran cruise check in up to 3:15 (from 3:30)
    Handouts for Coffee class and Cooking class (like the Jamaican talk/history handout)
    Welcome letter states 183 rooms have now been remodeled
    Welcome letter states ALL rooms have the new AC units
    Welcome letter states ALL doors are now electronic
    Welcome letter states mini-bar system reverted to filling out mini-bar cards
    Welcome letter states WS has new master craft ski boat and new dive air compressor
    Welcome letter states dive facilities achieved PADI 5 star certification

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    I do miss my little room key cord was like a badge of honor we all had! I know people don't like the buzzers at the Grill but never had an issue with them so no complaints from me! there anything to complain about while at CN???
    Holly Irvin

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    Hi Rudi,
    Back to January! How is the weather?

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    We went late January 2014 and it was perfect...low to mid 80's....and I think one day of a shower that lasted an hour. Night time I always had a wrap with me but never used it
    Holly Irvin

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