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    Default What is too extreme!!!!

    My husband and I are coming in July and the is our honeymoon from 18 years ago. We never had a honeymoon after we were married. So he wants me in the shortest, sexiest dresses that he can find. I would be wearing these dresses to dinner and evening cocktails at the piano bar and whatever evening event. Is this type of attire okay???

    Coming in July, can't wait!!!

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    I'm pretty sure no one would mind

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    You wear whatever you feel necessary. That said, I don't think at 40 you need to gain approval from anyone except your husband. Go for it!

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    My wife and I r going July 7th 10 days she like to dress sexy too. The shorter the better.

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    Tammy, we had the same concern before our first trip, but here is what we discovered: people aren't there to judge anyone, AND, you're so into each other as a couple that you're not worried about what others might think. We have fun picking out dresses that will probably be worn only at Couples! You'll really enjoy your experience there.
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    Yes, if you are comfortable and he likes how you look, yes. My wife dresses exaclty as you describe and does a hell of a job at it, gets quite a few compliments too, and strangely enough mostly from the women.

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