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    Default Newbie looking for some info.

    Hi Everyone!!! My husband and I have booked our first trip to Jamaica for April of 2012.....337 days to go and can't wait!!! We are staying at CSA in a bfvs. Being new to the Couples resort I was wondering if anyone can tell me anything about the Catamaran Cruise or the Glass Bottom Boat Ride?? What do they entail, is there a secure place to put your belongings, etc. any info would be great

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    You have to wade thru water to get to the Catamaran. Wear your bathing suit and a cover up. You can carry your towel/camera/cash above your head as you walk out to the boat. It is a sunset cruise and you get to check out the shore line of Negril, which is very cool. You stop at some caves and can swim to them and go off the slide that's on the boat. There is rum punch and beer on the cruise. If you're lucky you'll be entertained by Rasta Ralphie. After the caves you cruise back to CSA while the sun is setting. It's really pretty.

    I haven't done the glass bottom boat ride because I prefer snorkeling. Try snorkeling. You can float and look down and see the life and sea floor below you. I think the glass bottom boat is the same thing except your sitting in a boat and looking thru the floor at everything. I'm so excited for you because CSA is awesome! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Hey we've just booked our first trip to Jamaica and CSA too. We will be there 3 days before you. This board just makes me even more excited. I dont know how my friends and family are going to put up with me for another 332 days!

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    The glass bottom boat is as exactly described by Margi. We do love to Snorkel but the boat gave a slightly different perspective..along with some great stories Do it at least once, even if you fall in love with snorkeling.
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