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    Default Any MUST DO'S while we are at Couples Negril?

    Hello all my fiance' & I will be at Couples Negril on 9/14 (so very excited) We are going to CN to relax, be silly & enjoy each other (I'm a Hodkin's Lymphoma Cancer Survivor & the last 2 years have been a challenge. So we wanted to ask about what we MUST DO while in Negril (to laugh & have fun) AND do you know if we can rent Jet Ski's. Thank you ahead of time for your advice, it is very much appreciated. Dorene from Brooklyn

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    First of all congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and you could not have picked a better place to have a celebration of life.........

    Must do's: In my opinion

    Othaheite!!!!! For the ultimate romantic dining experience...
    Try the Pumpkin Soup, not at all what you expect, I don't even like Pumpkin Pie, but LOVE that soup!

    Catamaran Cruise, Rum Punch, Red Stripe, Music, and silly staff, make this a ton of fun, slide down the slide, swim in the caves, jump the cliffs or stay onboard, it is all up to you. As you are returning to CN the sun is setting, how romantic!

    Waterski, or Snorkel, or if you are a diver dive, take advantage of the watersports offered here, you will not find them offered as included at very many resorts.

    Sit on the beach at sunset with a cocktail in hand enjoy the beauty of each other, and the beauty of nature.

    There is a hammock near the scuba pool in the gardens, kind of hidden, grab a cocktail, the love of your life and go and hang out in that hammock at night listening to the tree frogs, peeking through the palm tree's at the stars....... again enjoying each other and nature's beauty.

    Get a couples massage, CN has the greatest spa staff!!!! My husband has his first there and he is hooked.

    Do trading places and explore CSA and Seven Mile Beach.

    Go to Rick's Cafe for the sunset and to see the famous cliffdivers.

    That should get you started.........

    Have a wonderful trip, and congratulations, and good luck again on both your wedding and your fight with cancer!

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    Congratulations!!! You have alot to celebrate. You'll both love Couples Negril. There was a similar thread to this back in July. A copied the link to that thread. Jet skis are available from local vendors. Have a wonderful time!!!
    Irie ,
    (Ladydia) Dianna

    CTI 2006, CSA 2007, CN 2008, CN 2009, CN 2010 twice
    CN 2012, CSS 2012, CN 2013, CSS 2014, CSA 2015

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and your victorious battle with cancer!! You deserve a wonderful time.

    If you can splurge a bit more - I say go for a private dinner on the beach (or the garden)! My husband and I had the greatest time. It was so personal and romantic. We were blown away as we walked up to the 'hut' they had put up on the beach for us. The posts and table and chairs all draped in flowing white cloth. The candles in the sand and on the table. The beautiful place settings, each with a personalized menu....

    We giggled (yes - giggled and we're not young) and smiled at each other. Drank our wine and looked out across the bay. It felt like we were the only ones on the planet (aside from our personal waiter). If there were others walking by - we didn't notice!

    We started with a fabulous tasting of jerk chicken with fresh greens, then had pumpkin soup. Lobster was the entree (TO DIE FOR) and a perfect portion of a creamy pudding with sweet fresh fruit and ice cream.

    Our picture and the menu are on my wall right here at work. I have tons of great memories from our time at CN, but this meal is the clearest and one of the fondest ones!

    Whatever you do, you'll have a great time, enjoy!

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    Hi Dorene! Please be sure to check out the Meet Up At Couples Negril. It's at the top of the message board, Meet Up At Couples in blue, click on that and then go to the Negril Section. There is a NEW Sept 09 Group thread that has a lot of fun information in it. Hope to see you on the beach! Lucy

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    Dorene - I am SO JEALOUS that you are going to CN ....... It's my absolute most favorite place!!!!!! You really don't have to do anything but hang around that GORGEOUS beach & pool all day & you will have a fabulous time. We never leave the resort anymore because we hate to miss a single minute of it but if you do leave the resort ........... Rick's is fun watching the cliff divers. Most people love the cat cruise ......... I personally don't go anymore because I get awfully seasick & puking off the boat is not my idea of a good time but definitely do it once. I used to love it before I got old & started getting sick ............. but heck ............. laying on my floatie in that calm bay can also make me seasick if a boat goes by & makes a wake.

    I'd suggest jerk chicken with a side order of fries (cover with cheese from the nacho bar) at the beach grill every afternoon about 4:00 along with a mudslide or dirty banana or 2 or 3 to hold you over until dinner. I crave that.

    Also, try the drink special at the bar every day.

    When the guys come strolling along the beach wanting to sing, tip them & let them sing for you. They are very good even though you might not think so a first sight. (Note: they will want to sell you a CD when they are done but you can say "no thank you" if you do not want one & they go about there way.)

    Another hint ........... take the resort orientation the first evening if possible. It's at 10 am & 5 pm each day. You meet people, including the a member of the entertainment staff, & it gets you into the resort mode the quickest for a newbie. Also, saves you alot of time later because you know where to go & what to expect.

    You are in for a GREAT vacation & it sounds like you need a break from reality & you have chosen the perfect place.

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    Hi Dorene, I also have jus gone into remission from Non Hodgkins Lypmhoma and have booked CSA in Feb! Have a great time at CN.

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    Default God Bless :)

    Glad to hear you are in remission. Here's to great health and many vacations to us all

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    Default Wooo hooo

    First of all, as a fellow lymphoma survivor GREAT WORK!! It will be 2 years for me in December and we are heading to CN in November for the second year in a row. You will love it!

    As far as what to do for fun, EVERYTHING you feel like! There is so much to do on the resort and to be honest, for us sometimes just hitting the beach, listening to music and relaxing was the best.

    The piano bar is a blast and we really enjoyed the cat cruise. This time around we have booked horseback riding and a day trip to YS Falls, the river and the Appleton Rum estate.

    I am sure you will have fun no matter what. I will say that we flew on Tim Air last time and it was very cool to see Jamaica from above.

    Have fun!

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    You know the thing I look forward to the most at CN is that I get up every day and there is no plan. I do whatever hits me.
    Sometimes you will walk around the corner and see a group dancing and you jump IN or NOT. There may be a group making Jamaican jewelry and you join in or not. Sometimes my husband and I just want to be lazy and stay on the beach. That is fine. Sometimes we feel like playing volleyball. You get to do whatever you want. AHHHHHHHHH It is heaven.

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    If you like to sing (and even if you can't carry a tune at all), check out the piano bar. Singing with the "Piano Man" was one of the many highlights of our trip.

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