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    Default advice for us newbies?

    Hey all !! my Husband Nate and I will be going to couples Sans souci in june for 8 days I was wondering if any of you could offer up some advice?
    What tours and excursions are really worth it? Also who can tell me their opinions about our one bedroom beachfront suite?

    And what about the spa and the prices? Whats worth the money and whats not?
    soory for all the q's but this is our first ever vacation and our first couples experience- just trying to dot my i's and cross my t's

    finally paid in full and only 32 days left!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Jacki and Nate

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    Jackie & Nate get ready for the best 8 days ever! We were there for a week in April & I can't stop thinking about it! We had a Beachfront suite (B-35) It was on the 3rd floor & the view was awesome. Definitely go on the Dunns River Falls excursion, it only takes a couple hrs out of your day & is well worth it. Make sure you check with the front desk & schedule the trip when there are no cruise ships docked, or else it will be SO crowded. We also had the couples massages and that was well worth the price and the most relaxing 55 min. We actually scheduled our massages the same day we did the Dunn's River Falls because it is a lot of climbing so it will cut down on achey muscles. Have a GREAT vacation & savor every moment!

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    jcmiller is right, your vacation will be the best 8 days ever. we just got back from 8 days there and we can't wait to go back. we also did the dunns river falls trip and it was a lot of fun. we did it on sunday and it wasn't crowded at all. we didn't really do any other excursions, we did the snorkeling trip once, but i honestly saw more snorkeling from the shore over by the spa. my wife did get two massages while we were there, the aromatherapy one for around $115 and the hot stone for around $150, both with Ruth who she loved. she liked the hot stone massage best of all and is now shopping around for one here at home. be sure to take time to explore the resort and check out everything. it wasn't until our last day that i noticed one hidden hot tub near the wedding gazebo and realized that i didn't actually set foot in all the pools/spas there.

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    How lucky that your first vacation is going to be at one the best 4 places on earth
    The others being the other Couples resorts

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