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    Default November 26th to December 6th Picture thread

    Hi all,
    We are Kevin and Becky from the UK. Thought we'd start another picture thread for our 19th trip to CN.
    We are coming down with some friends from Florida after spending thanksgiving with them on the above dates. Hoping a few people will post pics so we can say hi and share a drink or two while we are there.
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    Kevin and Becky

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    Must be some other people........Smilemon, Waterfall Junkie where are you guys ??
    Anyway 158 days to go...Luckily off to CSA and CN for a couple of weeks on Saturday.

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    Hey Kevin and Becky
    Beverly and I are goint to be there Nov. 24th till Dec. 3rd. We have been to CN 2 previous times and loved it. We went to Couples Ocho Rios last year, it was a totally diff. feeling. Now time to go back to CN and party...

    Art n Bev.

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    Default We'll be there!

    Hey Kev and Becky!

    We will be there again that week for our 5th trip back home! Can't wait for some pool volleyball and vodka slushies!

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    Hope all is well with you guys.

    Steve and Meghan

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    Hi all,
    Just got back from CN at the weekend. Great 14 days.
    Will be good to see you guys again.
    Steve and Meghan you know Carrie has moved on due to a career opportunity.
    2 days back at home and stressed already.
    Never mind, just 136 days to go.......

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    Hey guys,

    Yeah, we know about Carrie. It wasn't the same last November without him at CN. We try and keep up with him on Facebook.

    Glad to hear your trip was great. Looking forward to seeing you guys again and some great pool volleyball. LOL!

    Hope all is well,

    Steve and Megs

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    We will be in CN Dec 3-10 celebrating out 10th anniversary and my wifes 50th Birthday...can't wait to meet you all!

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    Hey Steve and Megs,

    It's all about beach volleyball nowadays.........If only as an excuse of doing just some exercise while downing 5000 calories a day. Don and Shannon from Florida will be with us too. Not sure if you met them nov/dec 09.
    Hope you guys are well too.

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    Hi Ken and Karen
    we'll see you there

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    Another 2 weeks gone.....Just got to do that 8 more times and we're there

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    Default Can't wait....

    It can't get here soon enough!

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    99 Days to go......
    At last into double digits.

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    It's so nice finally being in the double digit countdown. It will be even more exciting on the single digit countdown.

    Kev, we arrive on Friday, so we'll have a drink waiting for you and Becky at the pool bar on Saturday. What time do you guys get into Jamaica? It will be great seeing you guys again. A great group of people are going to be there that week again. Should be a wonderful time.

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    We are arriving December 1st. We are in the double digits too! See you there!

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    Hi Debjes,
    Sorry it's been a while since we've been on the board.
    We certainly will see you there.
    Just 9 weeks to go.......

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    50 Days to go
    (and 7 of those are gonna be in Florida) so feels like just 43 days till we are on our way

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    We have 34 days to go... I can't wait. Our first time at CN...... Nov 25 - Dec 3

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    My husband, Brian and I (Tiffany) will be enjoying Couples Negril for the first time Nov. 28 - Dec. 5. This is our third trip to the beautiful island of Jamaica. We booked in February and have been counting down the happy we are down to weeks!

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    Hi Brian and Tiffany,
    We'll see you on the 29th. Should be in early afternoon.
    Just 32 days to go. Only 25 days now till we leave to visit the States for thanksgiving before heading on to Jamaica.

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    Almost under 30 days to Jamaician time. Nov. 24th to Dec. 3rd here, comming form COLD New England (RI)

    Art. & Bev.

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    Last visit was same time, two years ago (2009). Can't wait to go again! See y'all there.

    Wendi and Eric
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    Looking forward to the upcoming visit! Last time we were at "home away from home" was same time, 2 years ago (2009). See you all in just a few weeks.

    Wendi and Eric

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    HI Wendi and Eric,

    See you there.
    Usually these last few weeks go so slowly but another 8 days just disappeared.
    Gonna have to start the 10 day picture countdown a little early since we are off to Florida for a week first.

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    10 day picture countdown starts tomorrow.....
    I know it is 18 days till we get to CN but our trip starts in 11 days.
    A long one from the UK to the states for a while before heading down.
    Won't have access to my laptop in the States so the 10 day countdown starts a little early.

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    10 days till our trip begins.......
    One of our wedding day at CN in 2006 and one of us in "the office"

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    More tomorrow

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