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    Randymon, I have a question. Due to unfortunate circumstances we had to cancel our trip to Couples. I am very disappointed and upset but, that has nothing to do with Couples. When I called to cancel my reservations I was told to send an email explaining that I want to cancel. I did. Then this is the reply that I received back, "Please note that as per the payment plan selected and bank regulations part of the refund will have to be done via cheque." I didn't pay any portion of my money with a check. I was wondering why Couples can not just put the money back on my credit card? Has anyone else experienced this? Can you please help me to understand this? Thank anyone who can help me with this.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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    Well you have me curious now so hopefully Randymon or someone replies back to you! Hope you get your refund soon!

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    Thanks to our last trip to CSA we are now having a baby right before the trip we planned to CSA this summer so we also had to cancel. We paid by credit card as well and got the refund by check. I don't think it has as much to do with the payment plan as it does with the fact that the payment was processed in another country. I could be wrong though. It took a few weeks but we got a check in the mail. The deposit had already been paid off months earlier so it didn't cause us to pay any extra interest or anything.

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    I am still waiting on a reply. Can someone please assist me? I am just trying to understand how the refunds are given back. People have said that they have been given refunds but, no one has said how. If it's returned to their cards or gotten a check in the mail.

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    I experienced this last year. It is because credit card companies do not allow refunds after a certain amount of time.

    I received part of my refund onto my card and the other by check though it did take over 2 months and several emails and phone calls.

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    This has happened to us.

    We canceled a reservation prior to the 45 day time limitation. Our reservation had been booked several months in advance ($400 deposit). We didn't have to provide an explanation as to why we were cancelling, but they did explain that due to the length of time lapsed between the original charge to our credit card and the time of cancellation, they could not just apply the credit back to the credit card. We received a $400 refund check, but it did take 3-4 weeks before it came in the mail.

    Kind of a hassle, but it all worked out.
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    To protect the clients, all credit card transactions on expire after 3 months. We are able to see the details but cannot make an changes i.e. we cannot make additional charges or refunds. Therefore, refunds must be sent by check.

    Couples Resorts

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