There was a post a few weeks ago about things changing when they flew into Orlando, even if it was a non stop flight. We just flew back today (BOOO!...but my review will be up shortly) from San Souci and you DO have to "re check" your bags with your liquor IN your luggage even if Orlando is your final destination.

We went through custom and immigration (after waiting forever for our bags) and then they tell you and give you plenty of warning that you have to put your liquid items into your bags and you put your bag on a conveyer belt to have it "checked" by security, etc. You then take your normal carry on items (w/o liquids) and have to go through a security checkpoint (beltless and bare feet and all). You then take a the tram over to where you normally would pick up your luggage and then pick up your bags there for the last time or continue on to your next destination.

I asked the guy if this was new and he said it had been like this for a while due to construction and re-figuring of the airport. So make sure you still leave plenty of room in your luggage for you to put your liquor and other items in your bags. I hope that clears up any confusion and I hope nobody has to wait as long as we did for our luggage; I think they hand checked every single bag on the plane.