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    Default CSA vs CN--help, please?


    i've posted a similar question about a year ago, but my facts have changes since then, so I'm hoping to receive some advice.
    DH and I went to CSS for the first time in Sept--and loved it to pieces! While I'd go back in a heartbeat, he would prefer a "louder" and "bigger-feeling" resort. Both of us really want to try the Negril side resorts.
    Another "wrinkle" to our plans is that we've finally convinced my parents to come as well. They go to various resorts in the Caribbean at least once a year, but have never been to a higher quality one, such as Couples. After much persuasion about how Couples is better, they have agreed to go! Now we just need to chose between CN and CSA!
    Could someone give opinions on which one is better for super picky travelers who prefer:
    --a long beach to walk on
    --buffets to a la carte restaurants (beyond me, but they really love buffets! for all 3 meals a day. just like "other resorts")
    --evening entertainment--shows, ets--and overall more entertainment vs "couple activities" and "secluded relaxation" (they like to hear music and laughter--makes them feel on vacation)

    So, which one would better suit their wants? I really want them to understand what makes Couples superior, and I think they will once they meet staff members and see the properties, I just don't want them to be bored. When they saw videos and photos from our CSS trip, they declared it a "retirement home" look-alike because it looked too "serene". it totally stems from their experience with average, large chain resorts--but nevertheless, that's their preference. I clearly have prima donnas on my hands--help!
    Thank you in advance!

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    Beach at CSA goes on for over 5 miles, CN is on Bloody Bay so much shorter.

    Both have lots of included activities.

    If they are looking for entertainment similar to what is offered by other chains in places like MX and the DR, IMO they will not find it at Couples - not the loud, group stuff by pools, etc. This is one of the reasons we like Couples so much.

    Nightlife IMO is better at CSA with more options.

    Cannot answer about buffets since we avoid them.

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    I would say CSA, because of the beach, you can walk for miles. CSA is also the largest of the four, but it doesnt have that Mega resort feel, but is spread out so you can take romatic strolls threw the grounds. I dont think any of the resort are know for being " loud".

    I know that CSA has buffets for breakfast and lunch at Palms. There are evening shows plus a paino bar and disco.

    We havent been to Couples Negril yet, but I have heard that their swim up bar and pool is better then CSA.

    You know you cant go wrong at any Couples resort if what your looking for is a relaxing laid back romatic vacation.

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    As you describe your parents "requirements", I would suggest CSA. I've been to both CN & CSA, love them both, but overall, I think that CSA is a little more "livelier" than CN. One of the main reasons is that the beach is more public and has more vendors walking on it plus you can go off-site of the resort and be in amongst the locals as well. CN does have The Office of the Nature but it's not quite the same as when you walk off the resort at CSA. Regarding food/buffets and entertainment, I think that both resorts are equal in those categories. As for a long beach, they both are nice beach walks but CN is located in a cove, so to speak, so you can only walk end-to-end. CSA has a longer stretch to walk on and is definitely more "busy".

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    Well, I'm not sure about this; I don't want to discourage them from Couples... but you've not given us a whole lot to go on here...

    SweptAway has an amazing beach that extends far beyond their propery lines. But I doubt that it would be a game changer for "super picky" travelers. Negril is fairly compact, and has, I'm told, a very social pool scene, as well as a very nice beach in a fairly small bay. Evening shows? Well, there is a floor show at SweptAway a few nights a week, and their is a really great piano lounge and disco. But excitement? Can be, but its really what you make of it. We prefer to chillax and lay on the beach, give in to sand gravity. We might take on an excursion or two, and perhaps a round of golf. Maybe we're just not exciting people.

    I wouldn't say that any of the Couples has a "louder" or "bigger" feel. If that's what anyone is looking for, Couples might not be the answer... their niche is more of a "boutique" resort choice.

    In any case, good luck!... I'm sure you'll get a lot of opinions on this one.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    based on your requests, I would say CSA, you can't get a longer beach at any other Couples resort.....I howerver perfer the layout and cozyness of CN........but to each there own!

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    Having been to both, I would say choose CSA because it's a bigger resort that is more lively, has more guests, and it is situated on the longer beach for walking (5 miles, instead of the 2 miles at CN).

    There is much more going on during the day on the beach, and in the evening, there is the nightly show at the Palms for entertainment. The Palms has a great buffet for breakfast, lunch and some evenings for dinner that they should really enjoy, although it is much smaller than buffets at those huge "buffet-only restaurants" at other resorts in the Caribbean. Your parents need to be prepared for that. If they like massive buffets with tons of options and variety, they may be disappointed. But quality is better than quantity IMHO. You get what you pay for at Couples! If they enjoy cheap all-inclusives that offer quantity without necessarily the quality, they are coming to a resort chain that may not be a good fit for their wants and needs.

    From what I remember, even if the Palms is a la carte some evenings for dinner, there is also a buffet section offering salad, soup, sushi, pasta, etc.

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    I would recommend CN..CN's 2 mile beach is more beautiful,with more depth and shade,thas CSA in my opinion.
    You can always find shade at CN.A 2 mile beach is long enough for most and round trip equals 4 miles.
    CN's beach has less of the local vendors...CN's beach is always a tad calmer than CSA.
    CN is more compact with all activities being funneled toward the center...CN reminds me of a South Pacific island..CN is truly Jamaica at it's finest.
    CN has the best pool and swimup bar in Jamaica.
    I think you will find the food and nightly entertainment similar at both CN and CSA.

    So,I highly recommend CN over CSA.

    Hugs from 10 0 c

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    thank you, everyone, these are very, very helpful! I will discuss with mom (who is in charge of persuading dad) and see if CSA will be it for us. Thanks again!

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    Hi Pinkcloud, if Couples calls to you all will be fine and comparable on many levels at either CN or CSA, but if the Couples brand does not call you then Iam afraid you just cant make it work.

    My advice... you and DH book at CN, book the parents in to the big R resort next door lol, then you can hook up with them for walks to Office of Nature , and as an added benefit wont catch each other at the AN section.. hmmm...and I wonder why my family doesn't like me....

    all kidding aside, you wont go wrong with either if they really want to try Couples...have fun


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    thanks so much, everyone!
    I ran this info by mom, and she said: "I don't know what your dad was talking about, but I just want to sit in the shade, at a nice clean beach and read my book in peace. I want to get up, go to have decent meals and then go and read in peace again." sounds like CSA will be perfect! yay! can't wait!

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