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    Default anyone ever get married there and did not bring friends or family

    just looking for people who have got married at couples swept away by them selves no family and friends...had a few questions please email me at

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    Yes, but I'll be glad to discuss this on the board with ya.

    Be careful posting full web addresses online as there are many "bots" who's sole purpose it to collect them and spam away.
    You can always type it username AT

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    Got married at CSA July 11th 2009. I tried your email, but it wouldn't work. It was not hard to find anyone to be our witness or take snap shots. We also went solo. A few things I might change if I was to do it over, but going solo would not be one of them. I am glad it was just the two of us! I have been to Jamaica 9 times so feel free to ask any questions. My email is

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    so finding someone to take pictures with your camera was easy..we will also get professional pics done but would like some of our own and also what did you do for the reception?

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    We got married three days after we got there. OMG it was so easy to find someone to take photos. In the three days we had met several couples and ended up having about 5 or 6 couples come watch our wedding we had met. Anyone of them would have been more then glad to take photos for us. We ended up having a couple we met on the bus trip to the resort do it. No worries anyone will do this for you. You can also go on the meet-ups board and find others going same time as you. As for a reception you just go into the garden area and have cake and champaine it is simple but nice

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