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    We have just returned from a CSA and CSS vacation and we are planning to go to CSS or CTI in Oct. Stupid us, we were having too much fun and didn't check out CTI. Can anyone give us an idea of the similarities/ differences at these two resorts. By the way, we love CSA and CSS and we qwant to love CTI but we are afraid we have already pushed the LUV envelope.

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    Size is going to be one of the biggest things as CTI is more compact. More restaurant choices and by the time you are there, they will have mini bars in all the rooms as well as full room service. If you like AN, then you know about SSB at CSS. CTI has the island which in our opinion is more private than SSB. CTI has the cat cruise while CSS does not. We have done the day pass CSS a couple of times and just didn't feel as welcomed as we do at CTI but that is our experience. We feel that CTI is more social but then that is just our experience.

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    We are CSS regulars, and did the Trading Places at CTI. The resort is beautiful. What we did not like was that it had IMO a more "Hotel-like" look and feel. The food we had was great, although of course we did not have supper there. The grounds were beautiful, but not as lush as CSS. I guess I would suggest if you love CSS, do CSS again, and do the Trading Places, and then the next trip (and I am sure there will be one) go to CTI if you wish.

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