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    Default Question about CSA restaurants

    I looked on the site where it lists the restaurants and it states that on fridays The Palm, Patois, and Lemongrass are closed for dinner. So that leaves Feathers......unless you want to have dinner at the grill? That cant be right-is that right?? I've been here before and I can't see everybody filing into Feathers at once.

    Am I reading it wrong you think?
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    This was brought up a few weeks ago too, seems there may have been a mistake with the new website. Friday night is the beach party night so there will be a buffet, The Palms restaurant covers that so they are closed for sure. It seems from reports that indeed the other restaurants are still open as they have been in the past. New website, a few'll all get straightened out eventually.

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    We were just there a couple of weeks ago, and both Feather and Patois were open on Friday night. Good thing Patois was; it rained just as the beach party was getting started, so Patois was SUPER busy. That was our only experience with (very) slow service while we were there. they just couldn't keep up with the crowd.

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    We were at CSA in February. Patois was definitely open on Friday evening.

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    The Beach Party is Friday night with a huge buffet and carving stations on the beach with local entertainment. If you have never been, I think it is a must do.

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    if you've been before and seen the entertainiment its a great time to head up to the martini bar

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