Greetings to all:

Analyses of our rates visa vis our competition is an ongoing process. Owners look at the value we offer, the high ratings and reviews we receive and question why are rates are so low compared to our competition - mainly, we all know on this board as "S".

Granted, our friends spend much more $$ to brainwash people and travel agents into believing they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. We, on the other hand, do not feel the need to toot our horn so loudly. Rather, we value the relationships we have made with our loyal travel agents and guests AND we put our $$ back into the resort so that we maintain the quality of experience that everyone has come to expect from Couples Resorts.

The S resort in Negril is a particular and specific competitor - at least in their minds - to CSA and CNG. IMHO - the disparity between that resort and CSA cause us to evaluate our pricing. As I have done in the past, I am giving you all fair warning. CSA rates for travel throughout the balance of 2011 will increase on May 27. Despite this, CSA will still remain priced well below our neighbor...

IF you were already planning to book CSA for travel in 2011 AND you have not yet done so - spread the word - book this coming week!

Forewarned is Forearmed.