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    Default Panoramic vies still not working?

    I have tried looking at these on my home computer and my work one and it goes through to 100% then just has a wheel that keeps spinning saying loading presentation and no matter how long I leave it, it won't load the pictures anymore. Been this way since early this week. Any suggestions?

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    I still can't get these working again today. Once it gets to 100% it just continues to say Loading Presentation. I like to look at the pictures......can't wait to see it for real but it is still a ways off and this feels good to see the pictures....HELP!

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    Please clarify:

    1. Does it work on one PC and not the other?
    2. What browser are you using?

    Mod: Please move to "Help" section.

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    It doesn't work on any pc at all. I am using internet explorer, I think 7.0. It was working just fine until a couple weeks ago and then all of a sudden stopped. I haven't changed anything on either computer, but can't get it to work, and it should be left on the reg message board as earlier, I saw other people complain about the same thing.

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    It appears as if only Negril is not working. All the rest come up and work just fine.

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